TBH Post For Facebook

" tbh" is a popular acronym for "to be honest." TBH post for Facebook

TBH Post For Facebook

TBH Post For Facebook

It is often utilized in social networks to discreetly clarify something that a person associates with others, particularly online. Traditional media's where "tbh" is typically used are Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

An example of a sentence utilizing tbh:

" School is Hell, and I'm drowning in all of this research tbh."

Furthermore, it likewise happens in the context of voicing the viewpoints of others, such as "Like my post for a tbh."

tbh wall post for facebook

The initial poster of the status will then offer their viewpoint on those who liked their status, with an example reaction being:.
Check over here:
" Tbh, I believe you're so amusing and great."

- A post similar to my Facebook when I was 12 years of ages.

The acronym has a variety of usages and can be versatilely tossed into any post online that worries were connecting to others.