How To Restrict On Facebook

How to restrict on Facebook - You can quickly show the truth you're online and readily available to talk with just select good friends. Other buddies will just see you as offline. For this case simply follow alternative ii

how to restrict facebook on pc

How To Restrict On Facebook

1. Click the "Settings" icon in the lower best corner.

2. Click the "Advanced Settings ...".

How to restrict on facebook

Now you can reveal an appear window "Advanced Chat Settings." Here there are three choices-.

how to restrict on facebook 2017
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i) Shut off chat for just some buddies.

This choice will turn off the chat just for a few of the pals. In this case, you have to include the good friends who can not see you in his/her chat box. These friends will never see you online once again.

ii) Switch off chat for all buddies other than.

This alternative will shut off chat for all pals other than someone. Expect you require all friends can not see you, however, require the just a couple of buddies can see you online. In this case, you can choose this alternative and can include a pair of friends who can see you online in their chat box.

iii) Switch off chat for all buddies.

This alternative will conceal you from all your Facebook friends. Nobody can see you online. Nobody can see you online in their chat box.

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