How To Report A Hacked Facebook Account or Fan Page

In our six years of operation, we have declined unique circumstances where a user had the ability to recover a formerly hacked fan page, previously that is. Yes, it holds true. We lastly had the chance to witness Facebook intervention, that prevented the hackers actions and made one Facebook user extremely, extremely delighted. How to report a hacked Facebook account or fan page...

how to report a hacked facebook account

If you asked us a week ago if there is any method of getting a hacked Facebook page back, we would immediately state "no, not possible." That was our mindset previously, as we had countless our members report hacked/stolen pages to Facebook, yet not a single circumstances of an efficient retrieval.

It appears that things have altered, or just a wonder had taken place, as one of our sellers who lost her page got it back a couple of days after calling Facebook assistance. Albeit, the seller confessed that she called Facebook over 50 times (yikes!), however, it was all worth it in the end, as her fan page was gone back to her, and the hacker got prohibited from Facebook.

How To Report A Hacked Facebook Account or Fan Page

Below is a screenshot of the valid e-mail from Facebook, verifying the user that the page has been returned to the rightful owner.

How to report a hacked facebook account or fan page

To us, this is merely unbelievable, and we are extremely pleased that our member had the ability to get her hacked fan page back effectively. Nevertheless, it appears that this scenario was a little various, as the user who lost her fan page had her whole Facebook profile hacked, by losing access to her e-mail account. Yes, some crafty hacker had the ability to login into her e-mail account, just to reset her Facebook password, login, and move out all fan pages she has owned.
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This circumstance is various, as many people lose their fan pages by succumbing to among the numerous techniques hackers utilize (organization supervisor welcome/ guarantees of cash after transfer/ and so on) Maybe that is why Facebook auctioned in and did the ideal thing. So, if you lost your fan page in any other method, Facebook might not have the ability to assist you, as their performance history would recommend.

Nevertheless, if you did occur to obtain your Facebook fan page hacked, you can still provide it a shot using this type. This is the same kind our member utilized to obtain her fan page back. So, exactly what are you waiting on? Submit the kind and let us understand if it worked. Best of luck!