How To Merge Facebook Accounts

How to merge Facebook accounts - Facebook can be addicitive, and users might be lured to preserve several Facebook represent various kind of interaction in each account. For beginners: keeping numerous Facebook accounts is not permitted based on Facebook 'Regards to usage'. In case you have produced 2 or more accounts and now wish to combine them into the single account, treatment is neither simple nor smooth.

How To Merge Facebook Accounts

Integrate several Facebook accounts

How to merge facebook accounts

Technically, there is no direct, quick shot approach to combine several Facebook accounts. Nevertheless, you can start this by copying your profile material (like images, notes, etc.) and include it by hand to your more active account.

You have to manually develop contents from other Facebook account to your active Facebook account as a couple of things like good friends, and wall posts can not be transferred. When you move material to more active Facebook account, you can erase or shut off other Facebook account.
Please note: if you have developed numerous Facebook accounts like one individual account another for your company-- then stop it.
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Facebook offer an alternative to producing Fan pages for your service, blog sites, sites, celeb, characters. You can develop several Fan pages from existing Facebook account. These fan pages are not connected to your Facebook account from checking out end user.