How To Combine Facebook Pages

We have actually all done this for service Facebook pages in the past-- How to combine Facebook pages, established a page with the incorrect name, incorrect details, or business for which we initially set up a Facebook page has actually entirely altered (i.e. gone from being a Sole Trader-- your name-- to a Minimal Business-- organisation name) and now we have 2x or 3x or more Facebook pages all connecting to basically the same service. However, we wish to integrate them into one Facebook page, without losing all our old likes!

how to combine facebook pages

The technique below will permit you to do simply that-- though note Facebook will inspect, so you can just integrate things which actually ought to be blended into one page.
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How To Combine Facebook Pages 2 (or more) Old Facebook Pages into One New One

  1. Log in to Facebook on a PC, utilizing the Facebook account which is the admin for all the pages you wish to integrate. (if you are not admin on all, then do that very first).
  2. Open the Facebook page you wish to keep (the one you want to integrate the other pages into).
  3. Click "Settings" at the top.
  4. Click Merge Pages and follow the triggers.
  5. If you can not see "Merge Pages" then this suggests this page type is not qualified to be combined. Sorry.
If you do not see the Merge Pages button, make sure to examine that the physical (postal) address is precisely the very same on both pages.