How To Find Other Folder On Facebook

If you belong to any Facebook groups, fellow members or admins may attempt to send you a message. If a message originates from somebody who is not a Facebook good friend, it typically enters into Facebook's variation of a spam folder, called "Other.". How to find other folder on Facebook?

You may never even observe it! However, it is rather simple to examine the folder.
How to find other folder on facebook

Each action is numbered in the above image.

1. Click "House" to access your Newsfeed.

2. Click the little folders to the right of "House" to gain access to Messages.

3. Click "Other" (right of "Inbox").

As a bonus offer, you can mark messages as unread if you wish to return to them later on.
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PRO POINTER: If you respond to somebody in the "Other" folder, they can now message you in your Inbox.