How To Find Facebook Url

How to find Facebook url - In addition to its searchable name, every Facebook user has a specific URL-- a Web address-- that links straight to their Facebook page. Some users have tailored names on their own in their URLs; others just have a long number designated to their account. In any case, you can keep in mind somebody's URL as long as you can get to their Facebook page.

How to find facebook url

How To Find Facebook Url

Action 1

Log into Facebook and type a name into the "Browse" bar. As you type, a list of Facebook users will appear following, altering to comply with the letters you get in. The highlighted user at the top of the list is the one Facebook believes you're more than likely to be trying to find.

Action 2

Press "Get in" if the proper user has been highlighted, or click a different one. This will raise the user's Facebook page. If you're not pals with this individual, the page might be partly or wholly limited. However, that does not matter.
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Action 3

Search in your internet browser's address bar and keep in mind the URL. This might take the format "," where "username" is the individual's specifically chosen Facebook address, or it might be the less personal "," where "xx xx xx" is a set of numbers distinct to this individual's account. In any case, this is the account's Facebook URL.

Action 4

Validate the URL, if you like, by clicking the "Information" link underneath the individual's profile image, then scrolling down to the Contact area. The Facebook URL will appear in this field, under "Facebook," unless the individual's personal privacy settings have concealed it. If so, you'll still have the ability to get the URL from the address bar.