How to Change Display Name on Facebook

How to change display name on Facebook - Altering your name on Facebook is both simpler and more complicated than you 'd believe. Facebook has long needed individuals to utilize their legal names. This rather unforgiving policy when it concerns profile names has landed them some unfavorable press.

How to change display name on facebook

In 2011, world-renowned author Salman Rushdie had his account shut down and was asked to show his identity to get it back. The account was ultimately renewed however under Rushdie's legal given name, Ahmed. Regardless of being understood personally and expertly by his middle name, Rushdie was not able to encourage the social networks giant to alter his profile up until Facebook saw some public reaction to their practice.

Nowadays, Facebook still needs users to utilize their real names, with small exceptions. They have long kept that individuals are more liable to their words and actions when required to act under their true identity. Facebook needs them to do so to promote an online environment where users feel safe and secure. There's simply one issue. While the actions for altering your name are rather straight-forward, you may discover yourself roadblocked by Facebook's name policies. This guide will reveal you ways to change a profile name and stroll you through the calling guidelines you're anticipated to follow.


If Facebook just desires your legal name, exactly what's the point in enabling individuals to improve it at all? In fact, there are a handful of circumstances where users may desire or have to make modifications. For instance:

  • Your legal name modifications due to marital relationship or divorce.
  • Your legal name changes as part of a gender reassignment.
  • You wish to utilize an appropriate type of your legal name (i.e. your very first two initials and surname).
  • You weren't using your real name before and in some way handled to fly under Facebook's radar.

Whatever your factors, the actions for finishing the job are quite essential.
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Facebook sets out the actions rather succinctly in their Frequently Asked Question. We have shared them with you listed below.

1. Visit your Facebook account.

2. Click the advantage down arrow sign in the leading right of the screen (straight right of the Aid icon).

how to change display name on facebook timeline

3. Select Settings.
how to change display name on facebook timeline

4. Select General in the column to the left.

how to change display name on facebook account

5. You must be taking a look at first account details. Click your name at the top.

6. Modify your name in the supplied fields.

7. Click Evaluation Modification.

8. Enter your password when triggered.

9. Click Conserve Modifications.

And there you have it. Your name change should be authorized by Facebook before it signs up on your account. This can use up to 24 Hr.