Facebook Picture Downloader

Facebook picture downloader - If you wish to download all your Facebook pictures, there are numerous methods to do that. It's incredible how quick you and your buddies can gather images and what does it cost? Of a photo, you can develop by sharing them. If you wish to download them to keep them safe, promote an album or whatever, you can. I will reveal you five methods to download all your Facebook pictures.

Facebook is the one social media that is still big several years on. All the others ups and downs and some vanish while others fade into the background. Facebook has handled to remain existing through all that and is most likely to be the one location you have gathered the most images. Let's state you have a lot of pictures and images you wish to download from Facebook. How do you do it?

Facebook Picture Downloader

Facebook Picture Downloader


The 'main' method to download your Facebook pictures is to open them up separately in the picture audience app and download them. That's great if you just have a couple of or wish to conserve them as you see them however not so great if you have a couple of lots or perhaps a couple of hundred pictures you wish to gather. If you have them arranged into albums, avoid this action and proceed to the next.

Nonetheless, it is a method to download your Facebook pictures.
  1. Open the time in the Facebook image audience.
  2. Click Alternatives at the bottom of the screen and choose Download.
This will download the specific image to your gadget. Scroll through everyone and repeat for each image you wish to download. It is a little tiresome however it does the job unless you're handling numbers.


If you have your images arranged into albums, Facebook has another method to download them. This is excellent if you're the organized sort or discover it quicker to produce an album than utilizing a few of the other techniques I note here.
  1. Open an album in Facebook.
  2. Click the little cog icon in the leading right of the album.
  3. Select Download Album.
This will download all images within the album to your gadget. It conserves downloading them separately, however, needs all images to be from that album.


The Android app Image Saver for Facebook is an excellent choice for downloading images from the social media. It isn't the only app that does this however it is among the more trusted. A variety of apps I attempted when investigating this piece were either too intricate or only made life too tough. This app simply did the job.
  1. All you have to do is set up the app and usage Facebook on the same gadget.
  2. Open an image, tap the menu, then Share and choose Picture Saver.
  3. Select where to conserve the image or simply verify.
This leaves all your Facebook pictures on your Android gadget to do with exactly what you want. They rapidly use up the area so it may be a smart idea to utilize cloud storage or copy them throughout to your computer system.

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The Facebook Messenger app for iOS (and perhaps for Android) enables you to conserve images to your Electronic Camera Roll immediately. If you utilize the Messenger app a lot to share pictures, it will be extremely helpful undoubtedly to have them directly supported to your gadget.

Technically, this isn't a method to download all your Facebook photos, however, to gather them as you go along. However, this technique is merely too beneficial to be overlooked. As somebody who utilizes this app, I can confirm personally to how beneficial this can be!
  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your gadget.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right.
  3. Select Save Photos to Video Camera Roll.
Whenever somebody shares a picture within the Facebook Messenger app, a copy will instantly be copied to your Electronic Camera Roll. If you share images typically, this will rapidly consume storage so it may be a smart idea to back them up and erase local copies.


The last method to quickly download your Facebook pictures is to utilize a Chrome extension. The descriptively entitled Download FB Album mod is a Chrome extension that not just permits you to download your very own photos and albums, however, some albums published by pals too. As long as the albums are public, the app can download those for you too.

If like me, you remain in a club and you're included in great deals of club images, this extension is exceptionally helpful.
  1. Browse to the Download FB Album mod while utilizing Chrome and install it.
  2. Browse to a Facebook album you wish to download.
  3. Click the small Facebook icon beside the Chrome URL bar on the right.
  4. Select Regular and let the app gather all the images.
  5. It will then download them to your gadget.
The UI isn't the most instinctive ever. However, you can quickly discover your method around. As long as you're not utilizing cell information, choose no compression when establishing the download for finest outcomes. Downloading using a Zip submits keeps whatever great and neat. You can then extract them on your gadget.

Those are five methods to download all your Facebook pictures. Each does things a little in a different way and on various platforms. There is going to be one here that works for yours. There are great deals of other methods to gather pictures from Facebook consisting of utilizing cloud storage as well as an IFTTT dish. Nevertheless, each of these 5 finish the job.

While this guide focuses on images, a minimum of a few of these methods will deal with videos too. If you're a passionate collector of media, several of these methods will work.

Got any other methods to download all your Facebook pictures? Inform us about them listed below if you do!