Facebook Logo History

History of Facebook logo - Facebook initially started as an online picture directory site for Harvard trainees in 2004. Nevertheless its developer, Mark Zuckerberg, rapidly recognized that individuals all over had an interest in the site. In the years considering that Facebook was very first opened to the general public, it has altered social networks as we understand it. A great deal of Facebook's success has been because of its basic, tidy site that was quickly simple for brand-new users to check out. The Facebook logo design is likewise simple and offers an explicit representation of the business's brand name. In this short article about Facebook logo history, you can discover more about how Facebook's logo design added to its appeal.

Facebook logo history

Facebook Logo design Style Components

Throughout all Facebook logo history, the logo design has stayed the same. It includes a comfortable blue rectangular shape which contains the business's name composed of white, lowercase letters. The blue shade, a medium, somewhat silenced blue color, is connected with the style plan for the whole site. Mark Zuckerberg developed the basic logo design for Facebook. He did this utilizing his preferred colors, and he picked the Klavika typeface to compose his text. This logo design was a little customized with some input by the Cuban Council style company, and the famous logo design of Facebook was born.

Modifications and Development


All the logo designs in Facebook logo history have preserved the same shape. There have been three various versions of the logo design, and everyone was a smooth, blue rectangular shape. The only actually significant modification to form is that the initial logo design included 2 brackets on either side of the text within the rectangular shape, so that it checked out" [thefacebook]" When Facebook's primary style aspects were settled in 2005, the brief-lived initial logo design had all extraneous product gotten rid of so that it simply check out "Facebook.".


The very first logo design at Facebook had a somewhat darker blue background, and the text had a lighter blue shade. After a year with this logo design, the business altered the background to the timeless soft, medium blue color connected with Facebook and the text color to white. This logo design didn't change for years, however, in 2015, designers lightened the color of the blue ever so somewhat. This color modification is hardly noticeable. However, it assists to keep the logo design admiring date because pastels are trendier today.

Font style

Facebook has continuously utilized a customized variation of the Klavika typeface. The only significant modification to the font style happened in 2015 when the "a" was changed from a double story "a" that had a loop at the top, to a single story "a" that eliminated the upper loop. Facebook's creative director felt that this typeface change assisted in making the brand name look a little bit more modern-day and friendly.
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Zuckerberg, the owning force behind the social network's site handpicked the majority of the crucial elements of the Facebook logo style. Zuckerberg chose to utilize his preferred color as the original style component of the site, and this choice would significantly affect the logo design. Blue is his favorite color since he struggles with red-green color-blindness. So, blue is among the only colors that he can see several shade variations in. Inning accordance with Zuckerberg, "Blue is the wealthiest color for me-- I can see all blue." The option of a logo design including just the color blue rapidly ended up being stylish. Other popular social networks websites such as Twitter and Tumblr frequently share it.


The logo design may look like it is simply an easy text utilizing a standard font style. Nevertheless, there was a lot of little tweaks. The typeface of the logo design is a little various from its mom's and dad typeface. This is because they changed the angle in between the "f" and the "a" to look smoother. Likewise, the "k" at the end was crushed together to look somewhat narrower. Joe, a member of the style group that assisted in developing the style of the logo design, played himself in a scene in the popular Facebook film starring Jesse Eisenberg.


Facebook handled to grow from a secure site for trainees mingling to among the essential techniques of interaction worldwide. This occurred since it was simple, tidy, and user-friendly to utilize. Unlike the puffed up styles of MySpace, Facebook welcomed audiences with a refreshingly straightforward white and blue format. Their logo design topped this. The Facebook logo design suits the business's objective altogether. With its tidy lines and simple significance, and it has had a substantial influence on other social networks site's styles.