5 Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

Instagram's appeal with professional photographers is unparalleled. Five Instagram Alternatives for Photographers, Exactly what is a totally free portfolio structure app disguises itself as an effective marketing tool to get in touch with potential customers, however, it suffers sometimes due to its large size and scope.

Perhaps you're tired of sieving through lame #goals and #inspiration posts, and wish to know exactly what mobile friendly options are out there? Well, folks, I'm here to inform you.

Five Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

Five Instagram Alternatives for Photographers


Before there was Instagram, there was Flickr. And for some us, this was our very first online website to have one's photography critiqued. Much like Instagram, Flickr is a picture sharing platform, however, has more efficient search tools, specifically online. There are resemblances in being and following followed, however, does not have the same mass audience as Instagram.

The majority of the feedback, favorable or otherwise, will likely originate from other professional photographers instead of potential customers. That being stated, leading Flickr skill is rarely overlooked, and the platform has released lots of a profession worldwide of art and conceptual photography.

Flickr has strong company tools for your images, having the ability to combine collections into "Albums" instead of having simply one feed. Flickr likewise has a "Groups" area that are open-sourced public albums. This is a good method to discover collections of pictures of comparable subjects, styles, equipment, or location. However, these "Groups" are frequently unpleasant, unfiltered, and messy.

Flickr's most efficient usage is to influence, with a lot of gifted professional photographers utilizing this platform regularly. The curated "Check out" page is constantly excellent location to begin.

Flickr gets rid of and includes service fluidly while it plannings to efforts recovers ground in the image sharing world. Its failings in the past were down to its late arrival in the mobile app platform, and while it's mobile app continues to enhance, this is quite a desktop initially application and mobile 2nd.
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500px has long been popular with the photography neighborhood with its tidy technique to picture sharing. No hashtags muddle this pond, 500px is everything about sharing great work. Curated collections are exceptional and frequently upgraded, while the Exif information upload is a good touch to look into the technical functions in-camera (Flickr likewise has this function).

There are a lot of resemblances with Flickr in regards to it being a platform angled to the promo of the very best imaginative work instead of popular accounts and sponsored posts.

This is an exceptional option to Instagram; the primary drawback would most likely be that extremely saturated, HDR images appear to make up the big percentage of curated lists which can lead users to be rather formulaic in their effort to get the appeal on the website instead of being initial. The reach to the masses is likewise no other way near Instagram levels, so a few of your work is most likely to be overlooked totally.


Polaroid's resurrection continued in 2016 with the release of their social multimedia platform SW/NG, and I 'd put it down as one of the most under-rated social, mobile platforms around. Forget Instagram Boomerangs, SW/NG brings photos to life much in the same way Live Photos does on iPhone.

Utilizing the app feels just like Instagram with the continued scroll of your feed. However, images move as you scroll. The app feels cleaner than Instagram and motivates users to believe in a different way when making up an image considered that a moving topic or background is more engaging.

Pickup for the app has been sluggish, and I make certain this is frustrating for Polaroid. However, I urge them to continue to upgrade the app and promote this alternative take on social networks.

One apparent enhancement would be the capability to publish Apple Live Photos to the service instead of just having the ability to utilize the in-app cam, hence restricting exactly what you can publish to today minute.


If you're a fantastic professional photographer and do not require that Instant-ego rubbed daily, then why not make some money off the time invested utilizing a picture sharing platform? EyeEm does this in 2 methods.

First of all, you can make all your images readily available for purchase through the EyeEm app. EyeEm does this through Getty, take a good-looking cut for the difficulty, and you should have design and area releases based on other stock photography offering websites.

However I should commend the EyeEm group, it is splendidly basic to send your photography for evaluation to go on sale, and the app itself is pleasurable to search.

Second, of all, there are regular competitors or "Objectives" with particular briefs. Prizes are available in different kinds such as being released in an exhibit, having your work utilized in industrial projects, or cold hard cash.

This is a fantastic method for marketing groups of industrial brand names or exhibit managers to hunt for brand-new, passionate skill. This provides any ambitious professional photographer the sensation that the playing field has been leveled, and if the quality exists, then you won't be overlooked.


My American cousins would explain this choice to be "from left-field" and appropriately so. Steller is more of a story sharing app, and at it's finest combines outstanding photography coupled with appealing stories. Outstanding's story structure tools are designed template based, easy to utilize and make your material appearance slick rapidly.

It has a comparable feed scroll feel to Instagram, however clicking a title page lets you look into an extensive task instead of simply a collection of remarks and hashtags.

It has lots of motivation, it's tidy, and it's incredibly easy to utilize. Steller is the location to be if you are looking for a special method of to release a collection of images and offer them an editorial feel rapidly.

Steller has likewise been sluggish in developing an active following, however just like SW/NG; I hope that the designers continue as there is adequate space in the market for well-considered image sharing apps like Steller.

In Conclusion

Five Instagram Alternatives for Photographers, I'm going to end this piece by specifying that I enjoy Instagram. It is where all my customers are on an everyday basis, I get to engage with brand-new audiences, get in touch with brand-new creatives, and frequently scroll till my thumb gets numb.

However, Instagram is likewise a victim of its success. The barrage of bots (which will ideally decrease) that auto-comment restricted online search engine and the boost in sponsored posts is ruining the broth.

I have given five options above that each brings something various to the celebration, and might produce brand-new opportunities of interest and imaginative expression to pursue in this digital, mobile age. Please share any of your very own options listed below.