Delete My Facebook Account Right Now

More than 750 million people visited Facebook in the last Thirty Days, and a few of those users are unquestionably your household, good friends and colleagues. It can be frustrating or befuddling to have a lot of your life recorded online; even if you do not upgrade your Facebook profile, your buddies might be publishing messages and images in your place. Delete my Facebook account right now...

Delete my facebook account right now

If you wish to close your Facebook represent high, you can send out a demand to Facebook. Once it erases your account, all your images, posts and other updates will be chosen excellent, so wait up until you're sure prior to close your account.

Delete My Facebook Account Right Now

1. Check in to your account on

2. Check out the "Erase Account" page.

3. Click "Send Demand" to send your account removal request. Facebook will process your order, erasing your account and all associated information.
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