What Size Is A Facebook Cover Photo

Exactly what size is a Facebook cover photo?

There are two primary images on your Facebook page:
  1. Profile Image
  2. Cover Picture
Your Profile Image is usually a picture of your lovely face. However might be your business's logo design, and so on. This movie ought to be conserved as a PNG file with measurements of 180 x 180. And the LIVE graphics need to not go beyond 160 x 160. To puts it directly, style whatever you like, however, do not let the essential things get too near to the edge. Aim to remain 20 pixels far from all sides.

What size is Facebook cover photo? Cover Pictures on Facebook ought to be precisely 851 pixels large X 315 pixels high.

what size is facebook cover photo

CAUTION: If you utilize an image that's smaller sized than exactly what's suggested, your photo will be extended (bad) to the bigger, chosen size. Please please do not do this. However, if you are totally overlooking sizes, remember that the image you publish needs to be at least 399 pixels broad by a minimum of 150 pixels high ... or it just will not operate at all.
Why not try these out:
As far as formats go, attempt to conserve your image in the sRGB file format, and less than 100kb in size. The very best general resolution is going to originate from a PNG file. However like all things, your scenario might effectively be various, and you might wish to explore a range of formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, and so on) and image quality levels (70% minimum).