Size Of Facebook Cover Photo

What size of Facebook cover photo and Profile Image be?

All of us desire our Facebook pages to look right. If you submit your Facebook Cover Image or Profile Image that aren't precisely the size Facebook anticipates, then they will instantly crop it to the wanted size. This can be annoying when you desire your page to look a particular method. By publishing the image to the appropriate size that Facebook wants, you can prevent this together.

size for facebook cover photo

Facebook Cover Picture

851 pixels broad by 315 pixels high on your Page on computer systems
640 pixels large by 360 pixels high on mobile phones
If you utilize an image is less than 640 pixels large or less than 360 pixel high, then Facebook will expand the picture, and the quality will naturally suffer. (The minimum that Facebook will enable you to utilize 399 pixels broad and 150 pixels high.) However, if the file size is too huge (more than 100K), Facebook will instantly decrease the size, hence impacting the quality of the image.
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Another thing to bear in mind is that Facebook has guidelines about size for Facebook cover photo. Inning accordance with Facebook "All covers are public. This implies that anybody who visits your Page will have the ability to see your cover. Covers cannot be misleading, deceptive, or infringe on anyone's copyright. You might not motivate individuals to publish your cover to their personal timelines." and most notably "Covers might not consist of images with more than 20% text."

Not exactly sure if your image has more than 20% text? Facebook has an easy tool that you can utilize to figure out just how much text remains in your image. Here's the connect to that device.

Facebook Profile Image

160 pixels broad x 160 pixels high up on computer systems
140 pixels wide x 140 pixels high up on mobile phones
The minimum size image that Facebook will enable you to utilize is 180 pixels large and 180 pixels high. And if the picture you submit is not square, the system will instantly crop it to the plaza.