What Happens When Someone Blocks You On Facebook

When someone blocks you on Facebook - In some cases unfriending on Facebook isn't sufficient and another user may decide to obstruct you. What happens when you are blocked on Facebook? you cannot see that individual's shared material or connect with her on the social media. Although Facebook does not alert you of the block, you can typically inform since the other individual successfully vanishes from the website.

what happens when you are blocked on facebook

What Happens When Someone Blocks You On Facebook


A Facebook block avoids you from beginning a Facebook chat or sending out messages to the person who obstructed you, discovering her profile in search results page or seeing the material she shares on her Timeline. The block breaks any existing buddy connection, so she vanishes from your Buddies list. Obstructing works both methods, so the individual cannot see your Timeline, chat or send you a message.


Obstructing breaks the majority of the connections that you have with the other user, however not all them. Facebook states that blocking may not avoid all contact and interactions and you may still see the individual who obstructed you in some Facebook Groups or third-party apps. If you still appear in apps or groups, the other user can decide to leave the group or get rid of the app.
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Obstructing Treatment

Blocking another user on Facebook is uncomplicated. The user who blocked you may have utilized the "How Do I Stop Somebody From Troubling Me?" choice in the "Personal Privacy Shortcuts" drop-down menu that is available from the right of the leading menu bar on any Facebook page or might have clicked the equipment button on your Timeline and chose the "Report/Block This Individual" choice from the pull-down menu.


Obstructing does not have to be long-term. If your contact has a change of mind, she can unclog you at any time. To unclog you, she can pick "How Do I Stop Somebody From Troubling Me?" from the Personal Privacy Shortcuts menu, then click the "View All Blocked Users" link. Clicking "Unblock" beside your name will get rid of the block. Unblocking does not instantly bring back any previous pal connection, so she will have to include you as a friend once again.