How To Unfollow On Facebook

Do you have a Facebook pal who continuously posts frustrating political tirades?

How to unfollow on facebook or one who cannot stop grumbling about a ceased to the working relationship?

Exactly what about the pal who simply got their newest delivery of whatchamacallit from XYZ MLM-- and they simply cannot wait to inform you about it?

Guy, there are some frustrating individuals on Facebook!

And there were times when I simply unfriended these schmoes. After all, you can just take that 14th syrupy engagement image for so long.

However, wait!

Rather of going directly for the "Unfriend" button and developing that undoubtedly uncomfortable encounter when you run into the individual at the supermarket or bar-- simply stop following that good friend rather.

Uncertain how this works?

Great, that's why I composed this post.

how to unfollow on facebook

How To Unfollow On Facebook (Who You Cannot Unfriend)

This easy technique assists you to get rid of the frustrating mess from your news feed.

And the cool thing is, as you stop following increasingly more irritating individuals, you begin seeing posts in the feed from buddies you have not spoken with in a while-- people whose content Facebook had been removing.

I frequently question exactly what some individuals depend on after recognizing I have not seen any Facebook posts from them in a while. However, when I visit their profile, I discover that they have published three times in the previous 12 hours.


I do not see ALL the posts from ALL my pals in my news feed?!
Great post to read: 

So unfollowing individuals you do not wish to speak with will develop more area for the posts from people you DO want to talk to-- the ones you might not have spoken with in years.

If absolutely nothing else, it's enjoyable playing with the news feed to see how Facebook's algorithm reacts.

And it's in fact incredibly simple.

1. Check out the buddy's profile and unfollow them there

Just click their profile photo, go to their profile page and you'll see something like this:

how to unfollow on facebook 2017

That indicates you're following them and their posts can appear in your news feed.

Just click the "Following" button to unfollow them.

how to unfollow on facebook at once

This strategy has gotten rid of some individuals from my news feed-- people whose posts weren't fascinating and who were robbing valuable area in the feed from individuals I wished to see.

And I have not unfriended anybody ... out of sight, from mind!

You can follow them once again whenever you desire, and your good friends will not understand that you stopped following.

2. Unfollow a pal straight from the news feed

You do not need to go to a buddy's profile to stop following them on Facebook.

You can do it directly from the news feed.

Discover a status upgrade in the feed from a pal you wish to unfollow and click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post. The drop-down menu will appear like this:

how to unfollow on facebook app

Click Unfollow:
how to unfollow on facebook all friends

And poof! They're gone.

And most significantly, you have included more intriguing buddies to enter your news feed.

Tinker With Your News Feed

I have had great deals of enjoyable filtering buddies in and out of my news feed.

And I rapidly understand that I do not view as much scrap any longer-- and the quality of material in my feed has increased by leaps and bounds. So I extremely suggest you attempt this.

Exactly what about you? What irritates you most about the material you see on Facebook?

Will you stop following a few of your good friends to see how it affects your feed?