How To See Who Looks At My Facebook

Ever questioned who has seen your Facebook profile or page? Here's how to see who looks at my facebook - do not resent the screen full of mumbo jumbo you will produce, it's all entirely straightforward. Here goes:

who visits my facebook

How To See Who Views My Facebook

1. Log into your Facebook profile and have it on screen.

2. Right click throughout the gray location left wing of the screen and choose "View page source" in turn up the menu that is shown. You need to get a display that appears like this:

how to see who looks at my facebook

3. This page is underlying code that your web internet browser translates to render your Facebook profile page in your internet browser. You're now going to look for your buddies. Initially, open a search box by going to CTRL + F.

4. In the search box that has appeared on your page (utilizing Google Chrome my search box turns up in the leading right corner of the internet browser window) enter this search string "InitialChatFriendsList" and push the enter/return secret to run the search.

5. Ideally when the search finishes you wind up with something like the following screen:

how to see who views my facebook

6. You will see a collection of odd looking numbers such structured like this: 100000000000000-2. These are internal IDs that Facebook utilizes for profiles and everyone on your list is a profile that has visited your Facebook profile.

7. Copy the numbers before the dash e.g. in the example above the full entry is "100000000000000-2", you just require the "100000000000000" part.
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8. Return to a web browser, begin a brand-new tab if needed and past the number you copied in action 7 after getting in "" i.e. you ought to have something like "" for example above. Press the enter/return secret, and you will be required to the profile for ID "100000000000000" in this example (it's a dummy example and there is no profile with that ID). Repeat this for each number on the page from action 5, and you will methodically inspect through everybody who visits my facebook.

9. The very same approach works if you're utilizing a Facebook company page rather of an individual profile-- it may be better to understand who's viewing my Facebook pages than profiles as my site think most pattern goes to will be from pals. In any case, you now know ways to discover.

Ideally, this is of interest or utilize to somebody. Delighted journeys.