How To See Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Profile

How To See Who Looks At Your Facebook Profile?

Did you discover an application that can svelarti who looked at my Facebook profile? Sorry so quickly moisten your interest. However, it is absolutely a phone, or possibly even an app is destructive developed to take your information!

As I likewise discussed to you in my tutorial on prefer how to see who has viewed your Facebook profile, at present there is no other way to understand exactly who go to an individual's Facebook profile: were the those in charge of social media networks to tension in numerous scenarios, and I do not believe the situation will alter quickly.

who has viewed my facebook profile
Who has viewed my Facebook profile

All this does it indicate? That you have set up among this app deceitful, you need to hurry to eliminate it from your profile. You do unknown how? Peacefully is basic. Check in on Facebook, click the arrow situated on the top right (in Facebook) blue bar, pick the entry Settings from the menu that turns up and select the icon Applications from the left sidebar.
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At this moment, discover the application you wish to rid yourself (click the choice Program all to see them all), position the mouse cursor on the icon and click initially on x that appears on the right then on Eliminate button.

If you choose to utilize mobile phones and tablets, open the Facebook app, presses on the icon to hamburger and pick the product Quick connects to personal privacy from the screen that opens. Then go to Other Settings > Applications > Checked on Facebook, choose the app to be erased, press it on button Eliminate application, which's it.