Does Google Own Facebook?

Does Google own Facebook? Recently it was revealed that Facebook would be launching their successful public (IPO), which approximates the worth of the business at approximately $100 billion, to raise $5 billion in funds.

This is a significant action for the company, who have remained in no rush to make the business go public, and with this brand-new evaluation, it makes a lot of individuals abundant undoubtedly, perhaps even 1000 millionaires. That would indicate offering 7 figure payments to almost 1/3 of the business's labor force.

We here at IncomeDiary aren't rather provided on the appraisal of the firm, particularly when you think about there are just 845 users on a site. Let's round that approximately a billion users, that implies that every user deserves $100 to Facebook. So with that understanding, Facebook might begin putting an absurd quantity of cash into marketing, therefore long as they're investing less than $100 per individual, they will be earning money.

With profits of $3.7 billion in 2015, each user deserved approximately $4 each, so there is loan there, however, $100 billion evaluation? That may be a bit much when you think about that it's 100 times that of the business's earnings to making ratio in 2015-- Apple has revenues to achieving a ratio of 13 for in 2015, and Google has among 22. Does Google own Facebook? Exactly what do you believe?

Mark Zuckerberg-- 28.4%-- $28.4 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg

Everybody understands who Mark Zuckerberg is; he's well-known as the owner, creator, and CEO of Facebook, and made more famous when the motion picture 'The Social media network' was launched, which informs the tales of the rough early days of Facebook.

His wealth has grown every year, and with the brand-new IPO launched, which you can check out completely here, it's exposed that he presently owns 28.4% of Facebook, which if instant price quotes are right, is going to work $28.4 Billion. With their finest year yet at Facebook, exposing a $1 Billion earnings on $3.7 Billion income, it's not surprising that Mark's worth has increased.

Here's another little fascinating reality about Facebook. In 2011, Zynga, the owner of social video games such as FarmVille, was accountable for approximately 12% of Facebook's profits. Which's huge. Here's a quote from Facebook's IPO offering:.
" We presently create substantial profits as an outcome of our relationship with Zynga, and, if we are not able to preserve this relationship, our financial issues might be damaged.
In 2011, Zynga represented around 12% of our income, which quantity was consisted of earnings originated from payments processing charges associated with Zynga's sales of virtual products and from direct marketing bought by Zynga. Furthermore, Zynga's apps produce a substantial variety of pages on which we show advertisements from other marketers.

If using Zynga video games on our Platform decreases, if Zynga launches video games on or moves video games to contending platforms, or if we cannot keep excellent relations with Zynga, we might lose Zynga as a considerable Platform designer and our financial outcomes might be negatively impacted.".

That suggests that Zynga users invested $308M in Facebook in 2015 alone, which is outrageous when you consider exactly what they offer.

With Mark's Facebook loan, you might purchase ...

  • 558 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, 28 times.

Jim Breyer & Accel Partners-- 11.4%-- $11.4 Billion

Jim Breyer & Accel Partners

For those of you that do not know, Jim Breyer is an American investor and partner of Accel Partners, which presently owns a healthy 11.4% of Facebook, which for those of you who have not cottoned on to the mathematics yet, that's approximate $11.4 Billion. In August 2010, Fortune Publication called Breyer among the ten most intelligent individuals in innovation, and you can see why. It's his rational thinking and insight into an extraordinary business, that has increased his wealth over a previous couple of years.

His previous success with earlier endeavors made sure that there sufficed cash offered to purchase the best business, at the correct time. His company Accel Partners own the stake in Facebook. However, he's a huge part of the success and the face of the business.

With Jim's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 228 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, 11 and a bit times.

Dustin Moskovitz-- 7.6%-- $7.6 Billion

Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin is simply eight days below Mark Zuckerberg, making him the youngest billionaire on the planet. Dustin established the website with Mark back at Harvard and hangs on to a 7.6% stake in the business, which with this present evaluation is most likely to net him a worth of $7.6 B.

He left Facebook in 2008 to deal with his endeavors, such as a mobile photo-sharing website, called Course (I make certain you have actually become aware of it recently), which has actually currently refused a $100 million deal from Google, and now serves over 2 millions individuals. As great as that might well be, you cannot assist however compare it to the similarity Facebook, which has proliferated in the eight short years considering that it was produced. Plainly a force to be considered.

With Dustin's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 152 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, 7 and a bit times.

Yuri Milner & Digital Sky Technologies-- 5.4%-- $5.4 Billion

Yuri Milner & Digital Sky Technologies

DST was established by Yuri Milner to focus exclusively on financial investments in the web sector, where they have financial investments in Facebook, Zynga, and Groupon. They purchased into Facebook with a $200 million financial investment in Might 2009, based upon a $10 Billion appraisal. On top of that, they put another $100 million together to begin purchasing staff member's shares to broaden their stake in the business.

In January 2011, they co-led a financial investment with Goldman Sachs of another $500 million based upon a $50 billion dollar evaluation. This has made them among the biggest investors in Facebook, and their stake in Zynga implies that they're generating income from more than one source, viewing as Facebook users chose to invest $308 million on Zynga through Facebook alone in 2015. Outrageous when you think of it.

With Yuri's Facebook loan, you might purchase ...

  • 108 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, five times, with some extra money left over for some expensive cars and trucks in the basement.

Eduardo Saverin-- 5%-- $5 Billion

Eduardo Saverin

You might acknowledge the name if you had seen 'The Social media network,' which's since Eduardo played a crucial function in the business's starting, back when he was roomies and friends with Mark Zuckerberg. And if you have seen the movie, you'll understand that their relationship went sour, which Eduardo utilized to own a 3rd of the business, before it decreased to 30% when Dustin Moskovitz came aboard.

After some conflicts in between Mark and Eduardo about how the business was going to move on, and whether Eduardo was going to stay as part of the Facebook group, he got pressed out the business when a group of financiers (consisting of Peter Thiel from PayPal), got onboard. After a series of legal conflicts, Eduardo lastly got his stake pressed back as much as 5%, as well as from such a little interest; he deserves an extraordinary quantity of cash. There may be love lost in between the 2 of them. However, I would not turn my nose up at $5 Billion.

With Eduardo's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 100 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, five times.

Sean Parker-- 4%-- $4 Billion

Sean Parker

Sean Parker is a name that a lot of you would have recognized with because of the method before Facebook, due to his function in Napster, the peer2peer file sharing program. When that ultimately went sour, and everybody aimed to sue him, he won an intriguing track record and lots of understanding. It was Sean that got associated with Facebook when it was merely five months old, ending up being the business's very first president, and assisted the company to believe huge with the understanding that he had obtained from Napster and his function as a new consultant to Friendster (anybody bears in mind that?).

He presented the business's very first financier to Mark, through Peter Thiel (PayPal Co-Founder) and was the one to execute functions such as the picture sharing feature. In Mark's words, "Sean was critical in assisting Facebook change from a college job into a genuine business.".
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He has other opportunities and has just recently invested $15 M in Spotify, which is a competing to the brand-new variation of Napster. However, none of that accounts to the wealth that we're taking a look at here today. With a 4% share in among the fastest growing and most lucrative business on the web, he's a considerable part of something incredibly unique.

With Sean's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 80 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, four times.

Peter Thiel-- 2.5%-- $2.5 Billion

Peter Thiel

As you ideally check out above, Peter experienced early success on the web with PayPal, which he cost $1.5 B in 2002, which left him with some loan to put to significant usage. He ended up being the very first financier in Facebook back in 2004 with a $500,000 financial investment for a 10.2% stake in the business. His share has been apparently diluted in the previous eight years as brand-new financiers have gotten on board, trying to find an interest in business. His company acumen and insight for a little business, with a lot of rivals, has served him well as it is the fastest growing business on the web, with a worth much like that of McDonald's.

With Peter's Facebook loan, you might purchase ...

  • 50 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most expensive house, 2 1/2 times.

Microsoft-- 1.3%-- $1.3 Billion


Microsoft purchased into Facebook right around the time that Li Ka-Shing did below, paying $240 million for 1.6% of Facebook. Those shares have now been watered down rather, so their stake has boiled down to $1.3 billion, just making them simply over a billion dollars from their financial investment. Poor things. All jokes aside, however, they had the cash, and they saw the chance and perspective, so they took it. 2008, when they purchased the stock, was a fascinating time for Facebook, as it was just half the age, it is now, and individuals were only quietly starting to make the switch from other social media networks.

I keep in mind learning more about Facebook in 2006, and I even opened an account. However, I chose I didn't like it and didn't return to it up until the next year. It was just in about 2008, when most of my good friends and I began to bid farewell to MySpace for excellent, and open a Facebook account rather. Microsoft's financial investment at this time implied that the business was currently in an incredibly high position, however still had a lot of space to grow, that makes it a sensible time to invest for any financier. If anybody can discover just how much of Microsoft Expense Gates owns, I 'd be interested in understanding, because then you might see just how much he owns of Facebook.

With Microsoft's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 26 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most pricey house as soon as, with a little money left over for soft home furnishings.

Chris Hughes-- 1%-- $1 Billion

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is the fourth roomie to Mark, Eduardo, and Dustin, from when they were back at Harvard, which was how he got included with Facebook. Along with a co-founder of Facebook, Chris was likewise in charge of the social networks side of Barack Obama's presidency project. He appeared on the cover of 'Quick Business' publication, under the title "The Kid Who Made Obama President; How Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Unleashed Barack's Base-- and Altered Politics and Marketing Forever."

Now that's a quite vibrant declaration to make about anybody. However, it appears that Chris truly did play a huge part in promoting Obama, with his comprehensive understanding of social networks. I have no idea about you, however, if I required somebody to assist promote me through social networks, I 'd desire among the co-founders of Facebook too.

With Chris's Facebook cash, you might purchase ...

  • 20 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.
  • Antilla, the world's most pricey house, as soon as. Still, however, who requires 2?

Li Ka-Shing-- 0.8%-- $800 Million

Li Ka-shing

The Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing purchased into Facebook in 2008, when the business had an assessment of around $15 billion, and he just paid $120 Million. It sounds a bit ludicrous to state just when it's a massive quantity of cash, and just a little portion, however that tiny piece is now worth practically seven times exactly what he spent for it, at $800 million. It makes you question exactly what would take place now if you invested the very same quantity of cash? I believe that even back in 2008 there were a lot of financiers who seemed like they had currently failed when actually, that was when Facebook began to remove and protect itself as a giant of the web.

With Li's Facebook loan, you might purchase ...

  • 16 Gulfstream G550 personal jets, at $50M each.