How To Remove A Post From Facebook

With the rash of Facebook spam and infections walking around (such as the "Elect Nicole Santos" spam, and the "Please do your part in STOPPING SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. Click check MY ACCOUNT best beside comment listed below to start the confirmation procedure ..." spam), it is essential that you understand how to remove a post from Facebook (never ever click the "Eliminate this app" or "== VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==" links, those are links meant to fool you into contaminating your device!) Eliminating a post or remark from your wall is in fact incredibly simple. Here are ways to do it:

How To Remove A Post On Facebook

Initially, discover the post or comment that you want to get rid of; here is our demonstration post:

how to remove a post from facebook

Now, simply hover your mouse over the post or remark, and an "X" will appear in the upper-right-hand-corner:

how to remove a post on facebook
Read this article:
Click that "X":

how to remove a post on facebook timeline

And you will get a little drop-down menu enabling you to, to name a few things, "Eliminate Post" (and, in this example, allowing us to prohibit the app that published it,

how to remove a post on facebook page

Keep in mind, whenever you presume that a post to your wall includes a bad link (or, hi, language), constantly simply get rid of the post from your wall, never click the link!