Secret Messages On Facebook

Facebook now enables you to send out encrypted messages to your contacts. An encrypted message is safe, and just the desired recipient can access it. Facebook can not even access it. To guarantee that your encrypted messages are secured, a gadget secret for you and your contact is offered for you both to validate. The encrypted message can be set to self-destruct after the recipient has read it. This tutorial will reveal you the actions you have to send out secret messages on Facebook

The unknown message function is readily available to all Facebook Messenger users who have upgraded to the most recent variation of the app. If you have not upgraded your Messenger app, this function can be a great inspiration to update it from App Shop or the Play store. For the role to work, both the sender and the recipient ought to utilize the most recent variation of Messenger.

secret messages on facebook

Send out Secret Messages on Facebook

To start an encrypted interaction with your Facebook contact, utilize these actions:

1. Download and upgrade the Messenger app on your iPhone or Android phone.

how to find secret conversations on facebook

2. Go to your gadget's House screen.

secret conversation on messenger

3. From the house display, open the Messenger app.

how to view secret conversations on facebook

4. In the Messenger app screen, tap on the House icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.

how to use secret conversation on messenger

5. From your Messenger's House display, tap on the Compose Message icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.

facebook messenger secret conversations

6. In the Produce New Message page, tap on the Secret button in the top right corner of your screen.

secret conversations on messenger

7. You are now on the Secret Message screen. Select the contact with whom you wish to start a broad discussion.

how to see hidden messages on facebook messenger

8. You will now have a deep conversation with your selected contact. Type your secret message.

secret messages on facebook messenger

9. Set a time for your message to vanish by tapping on the clock icon in the best part of the makeup message area.

secret messages on facebook computer

10. Pick the auto-delete timer from the list of readily available time.

secret messages on facebook app

11. Tap Done after selecting your timer.

secret messages on facebook android

12. Tap on the Send out button.

sending secret messages on facebook

13. You are done.

how to send secret messages on facebook
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