Fake Friend Requests On Facebook

Practically every Facebook user has been on the getting end of fake friend requests on Facebook from individuals they do not know, and typically people who do not exist.

However, one small addition to my personal info on Facebook caused an attack of them previously this month, with each profile showing the same qualities.

fake friend requests on facebook

Here's my story, and I wonder if any of our readers have had comparable experiences.

A real, real-life pal of mine was submitting his timeline profile when he was dealing with his life occasions; I have requested approval to consist of the info that we had participated in NYU together.

Weeks previously, I had shown on my timeline that I was a journalism significant in the class of 1990 at NYU, instead of merely picking the school. However, I saw no damage in having both of them appear in my work and education area, so I authorized the demand.
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Nearly right away, and lasting for about one week, I was bombarded with fake friend requests on Facebook from individuals I have no idea, without any connections (no pals of pals), and I seriously question any of them exists.

With really rare exceptions, the profiles of the Facebook users who sent me good friend demands shared the following attributes:

  • An overall of absolutely no buddies, or sometimes a couple of, none which prevailed pals;.
  • New York City University noted under education;.
  • Signed up for updates from me, and few other Facebook users;.
  • Uncommon or foreign names;.
  • Some, um, interesting profile images (see listed below); and.
  • Little or no other details.

We're most curious to discover exactly what entity developed these profile bots and exactly what their marketing goals will end up being when they collect info about certain users. We can make just guesswork, nevertheless.

On the other hand, readers, do you understand this sort of thing striking others on Facebook? And if so, can you think about an action that may have activated it, like the addition of NYU to my profile appears to have done?