Facebook Confirmation Code Hack

The best ways to hack Facebook account. This is most likely among the most popular search terms on Google after all Facebook has more than a billion users. Envision having the capability to hack into any Facebook account utilizing a secure SMS! This is precisely how a hacker handled to hack into a Facebook account. Have a look at the whole guide on ways to hack Facebook accounts utilizing SMS or Facebook confirmation code hack.

The best ways to Hack Facebook Account

A hacker by the name of fin1te discovered an extremely just approach that utilized Facebook's messaging authentication system to hack into a Facebook account. This whole hacking procedure was done without even the user understanding that their Facebook account is being hacked.

So how did the handle to hack into Facebook account? Well here is the complete information on how this procedure happened.

facebook confirmation code hack

Everything starts with a secure SMS. A message is sent out to the number 32665 (Facebook UK number) with the word "F." This immediately creates a Facebook confirmation code hack for the Facebook account that is connected to the number being sent out.

Now the issue depends on/ ajax/settings/mobile/ confirm_phone.php end-point. A hacker customizes the profile_id, the one that is connected to your account. The confirmation code that is gotten by the hacker is then placed into an activation screen in the settings. The hacker then customizes the profile_id aspect inside the fbMobileConfirmationForm kind.

facebook hack code generator

Once it is entered, you get a status code as "okay."

facebook confirmation code text 32665
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As soon as you get the 200 "ok" code verification, an SMS will be sent out to your number with the confirmation message.

facebook confirmation code generator hack

From here onwards things are quite simple. The hacker will now ask for a brand-new password for victim's account. As soon as the demand is started, a message will be sent out to the cell phone with a reset code. That reset code is placed into the type, and voila, you or the hacker have hacked into a Facebook account!

facebook confirmation code text hack

This approach of hacking into a Facebook account took a mere 10-15 minutes and is no doubt something that would have stressed Facebook users and the business itself. However, do not fret folks as the hacker who found this bug reported to Facebook and filched a cool $20,000.

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