Learn Facebook Stock Price Today

Facebook has become an important part of the daily social life of teenagers and adults. There are billions of people over the world has signed up and use Facebook whether to share their feelings, find new friends, or get new information.

This is the reason why Facebook stock price today is still very high and in good demand. If you are interested in investing your money on Facebook, here are several things you should learn beforehand.

Facebook Stock Price Today

Why is Buying Facebook Stock Still Worth?

There are several reasons why you should start investing on Facebook including:

  • Facebook has strong network effect due to its addicting platform. Why? Because when one people sign up then her/his friends will make an account too so they can be connected. Although now it has more than 1.8 billion people active users, but it is still predicted to grow more. This is the sole reason why Facebook stock quote today is still in good light.

  • Who says you will only benefit from Facebook? Don’t forget that Facebook also owns Instagram and Whatsapp. These two social networks are that still growing up and said to bring at least 14% of revenue in 2017 to Facebook.

  • Facebook grab a tight hold on mobile users. As mobile users numbers are getting higher every day, it means ads mobile revenue is also getting higher about 84%. So, the revenue of Facebook is also getting higher.

  • Count in the young CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, a 32-years old guy with a plenty of brilliant ideas. We can say that Facebook is only his beginning, so there is a chance that he will create lots of great jobs in the future.

  • In 2014, Zuckerberg is also starting investing in Oculus VR, a company specialized in virtual reality technology. He saw a potential opportunity in the future that everyone can study without meet their teacher or consult with the doctor without meet directly. How? Just put on your VR goggles and you can cut your transport expenses.

  • The Facebook stock itself doesn’t really expensive. It is currently traded for 40 times free cash flow which only 23 times expected to 2017’s earnings. 

Now, you have known why a Facebook stock is worth to be invested, haven’t you? So, check on forex trading and look how high Facebook stock quote today. Who will know that you can get millions from only investing in small changes?