Facebook Stock History That You Should Know

When we take a look at Facebook stock history, there are some things that we should pay attention to it.

1. If you want to own the stock, just wait and you don’t need to buy in on the IPO

Let’s take a look at the purpose of an IPO, it is used to raise funds for the company to go public. They do it without exception. There are many investors that want to get their hands on an unavailable stock previously. When they do this, they will cause a temporary imbalance between the people who want it (demand) and shares available (supply).

Usually, on the first day of trading, the stock will soars. But after that, the prices return to the previous price and the novelty wears off. At that time, that’s the best time to buy. But in Facebook’s case, the things get even weirder. It didn’t need to raise funds because it has more than 500 private investors which hold shares of the company. Therefore,

Facebook doesn't have any choice other than go public.But the trading was spoiled by glitches during the IPO. But you can hear some stories of individual who don’t even know how to buy Facebook stock symbol and putting their entire life savings on Facebook. This is quite insane because it happens for the first three months.

Facebook Stock History

2. Be patient

For those who even know what to focus on, they also didn’t have it easier. Almost all of the money that Facebook get is from PC ad displays. But right now people want to know if ads can be displayed on such tiny screen such as mobile phone.

According to a stock analyst, the Facebook stock is worth only for $15 per share. The analyst focuses on growth in mobile advertising. For those who don’t buy stock, should be patient for the company to get the advertising for mobile platform well.

3. Focus on the business

Many individual investors are only focused on the wrong things when they bought into a Facebook stock symbol instead of business. When we see a personal service going public but it doesn’t have a good profit then it’s no exciting anymore. When you do not focus on the stock itself, you want to know why the stock is going down in the first three months, and this just makes a negative sentiment. So you just have to focus and wait patiently.