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There is an abundance of post detailing the sizes of images for facebook page cover photo size, facebook post image size or best image size for facebook post, App Icons, facebook event cover photo size, facebook ad image size and more. Till just recently, I had actually ruled out exactly what the perfect picture image size or ratio was to optimize their display screen in the newsfeed.

Then, I discovered a post on Marketing Land; "The Conclusive Overview of Facebook Image Optimization For Articles & Web Material" and ended up being curious when I check out the following:

Connect Posts Vs. Image Posts

While the above is all well and good, we would like to know the main position on utilizing image posts to promote a link within the description. With this technique, users publish an image then compose a description with a link within the text. Image posts permit property. Images from link posts reveal a 154 px x 154 px photo, while image posts can reveal upwards of 552 px x 480 px.
facebook post image size

While the optimum facebook post image size you can publish to Facebook is 2048 x 2048 pixels, the optimum screen size in a picture album is 960 x 720 pixels. So, there is no have to develop images any bigger than 960 × 720. Another thing to think about is-- a minimum of on my cellular phone-- the screen needs bigger images than the screen on my laptop computer. While images shown on service page Timelines are 403 × 403 on the desktop, they are 618 × 618 on my iPhone. My objective was to produce images that were as big as possible however not bigger than needed.

After searching my own newsfeed, searching for the biggest images I might discover I concerned the conclusion that the optimum size sneak peeks for both picture and landscape images was 398px large or high. The concern was, how far could I press the OTHER measurement prior to Facebook would make my sneak peek less than the optimum 398px?

facebook post image size 2017

I started exploring by publishing various image sizes/ratios to my individual profile and my organization page. After I attempted twenty various shapes and sizes and thoroughly took screenshots to determine whatever by the pixel, I found exactly what I believed are the maximum sizes for both picture and landscape oriented pictures.

facebook post image size dimensions

Sadly, Facebook shows images in a different way on service page Timelines and individual profile Timelines. My blog didn't recognize exactly what I was entering when I began this mission however it was a lot more complicated than I prepared for ...