How to Avoid Whatsapp Viruses, Scams and Hoaxes Only for You

Social media applications of WhatsApp is indeed included the number one social media applications that you can use as a means of social media applications, and it's been proven that the application will be its popularity and already have a user that is already widespread, as in, lots of users applications that became an option WhatsApp application to communicate.

In addition to a very interesting application is rich with features and friendly with the user, the application is certainly an option as a means of communicating online, but did you know that at this time it is was keen to attack people is not responsible for the use of the name big WhatsApp to deceive WhatsApp users, now curious what types of fraud? check out below.
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At least with the existence of this article you will be more careful in the use of social media applications are something, yes even though the application has been very popular from some quarters and a recommendation are very safe and secure, but still people are not responsible for the Miss limit his smart always made as a farm for a cheat, well want to know anything? the following types of cases the mode of deception that is in application WhatsApp.

The Latest WhatsApp Scams And Hoaxes That You Need To Stay Away From

Voice Mail Fraud

Fake fraud is a deception that Voicemail comes from a voice message, it looks like this is one of the traps that deliberately made by the hackers who made application to launch WhatsApp, so attack this form of voicemail voicemail where there will be a notice against you that there are voice messages that you have not yet open, but once you open it when the contents are fake, instead of a voice message even you'd inserted a virus that resulted in the loss of important data that you have.

Whatsapp Gold Edition (Application Modification)

The application just like WhatsApp but it is a version of the Gold Edition gold colored so that it is more interesting to you use, typically this is one application modification or better known as the MOD and not one of the Official application from application WhatsApp, but your concern of the Gold Edition WhatsApp application i.e. you have to pay every month, useless, right?.

WhatsApp's Spy (Reconnaissance Data)

You are worthy of note is the technique of deception like this, so to avoid scams like this need vigilance from you as well, as we know that a great many now provide services to tap the chat the other person, but do you know of such a large number of applications or services to tap the chat the other person, but instead you will become their target.

$500 Starbucks Gift cards (Online Survey Scams)

Possible types of fraud such as this is already widespread in a variety of social media as well as sites on the internet, so this kind of fraud is one of the very powerful fraud because you promised to complete a survey that will be quite an interesting prizes, but most of it is scam or fraudulent action absent a survey with prizes.

Patterned Investment Fraud

The type of fraud that is still used by people who are not responsible for the online investment theme, so this type of fraud is a call to save money on their side that promises huge advantages if you invest with them, but do you know? that's their purpose is the action that is deceptive.

Well, from the 5 numbers that I describe above are the types of fraud that I know of that still exists in social media applications like WhatsApp, at least with this one you will know better as well as increase alertness and always be careful in doing any action, which means you harm yourself, but remember the scams like this not only can you find in the application but you can just WhatsApp found him from a variety of social media and online sites Yes, may be useful.