10 Hidden Features of Whatsapp You Must Know!

WhatsApp hidden features ~ Some of the features of WhatsApp that rarely known users of WhatsApp. WhatsApp applications are already widely used in any parts of the world. Even already like the mandatory application in a smartphone.

Not many know that WhatsApp has some hidden features that actually this feature can be accessed by anyone if know the way.

Here are some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp application:

1. Hide "Last Seen"

Whatsapp allows users to see each other the last time online each. However when this is reasonably interfering with privacy, you can hide the sign of the "last seen" with how to choose the settings menu, and then select the Account tab and Privacy. You will find the bar that reads "Last Seen".

Select the tab, then other options will appear in a pop-up. Then will appear "Everyone" options for all can see "Last Seen", select "My Contacts" so that only the contacts in the phonebook can look, or choose "Nobody" so no one else can see the information.

2. Backup Conversation in Whatsapp

Backup conversation used to backup your conversations data so that when changing cell phone, all the old conversation can be recovered. The way is in the settings menu, look for a tab labeled Chat and Chat backups. In it contains the settings for saving the backup data conversations into Google Drive. Then enter your Gmail account, arrange automatic backup application within a certain time duration.

3. Save the Conversation in Text Form

The Users of WhatsApp can store their conversation in the form of text. The trick is to open the chat tab that you want to save in the form of text. Tap three-point that is at the top right of the toolbar, go to the "More" options and tap an Email Chat. Next, you can choose whether to include a variety of media in a conversation or just text. After selecting the e-mail will appear to send the conversation.

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4. Block Contacts on Whatsapp

If you often get spam messages from unknown people? You can block him. The Way is to open conversation with the person. Tap three-point menu at the top right and select the tab "More". You will find the "Block" option between the menu that appears. Touch and blocking are completed.

5. Stop Auto Download on Whatsapp

Usually, a variety of photos and media delivered via WhatsApp will be automatically downloaded. This has resulted in considerable power consumption, in addition, to also spend data package.

You can change the settings so that all media that received number Your WhatsApp is not downloaded automatically. The way, go into the settings menu and select Data Usage. In it there is a tab labeled Media Auto Download that contains the settings for the automatic downloads. There are three tabs, namely When using mobile data, When connected on WiFi, or When roaming. On each tab to choose what media will be automatically downloaded or not downloaded at all.

6. Turn Off Read Receipts WhatsApp

Any messages on WhatsApp sent and read will be marked with a blue tick. When you want the other person not know the status of the message has been read or not yet, you can change it. The way is going into the Settings menu, then go to Accounts and go to Privacy. In it, at the bottom, you will find a tab that reads Read Receipts. Remove the check mark in the toolbar to disable it.

7. How to Reply in Whatsapp Group

If you want to cite one of the messages in the Group and reply, you must tap long the message. Interface WhatsApp will bring up several icons to act. One of them located far left, there is a pictorial icon arrow. You just press it once, then WhatsApp will automatically quote messages that you want to review. After this comment, send that message. The group members will understand that you are replying to a specific chat leveled one person.

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8. Bold and Italics on Whatsapp

Whatsapp can now display the letters in bold, italics, and crossed out (strike through). You can do it by means of inserting special characters before and after the word you want formatted. You can see the picture below to learn the format of writing.

9. Change the Background Whatsapp

You can change the look background of your WhatsApp application so it will look cool and not boring. Here's how:

Go to Settings >> Chats >> Wallpaper

10. Starred Messages

You can give an asterisk on each conversation on WhatsApp. This mark is useful to record a variety of important information, such as home address or telephone number.

The trick, select message marked, touch and hold for a few seconds. The asterisk will appear on the WhatsApp header right beside the icon "delete". Select the asterisk.

If you want to see the various posts that have been marked, you simply touch the menu point three in the top right corner. Next select the tab that reads "Starred messages".

That's some of the hidden features of WhatsApp compulsory you should know. Hopefully, the article is helpful to you. Good luck.