How Do U Delete A Tiktok Account

How Do U Delete a Tiktok Account - You don't need an account to search TikTok, yet having one allows you follow creators and also provides analytics to the social media network. However, having an account additionally indicates handing over individual info. If you're no longer a fan of TikTok, here's how to remove your account.

how to delete a tiktok account

How Do U Delete a Tiktok Account

To erase your TikTok account, start by opening up the app on your iPhone or Android tool and visiting. From there, pick the "Me" tab and then touch the three upright dots in the top-right to gain access to the Settings menu.

From the Settings menu, tap the "Manage My Account" switch.

Scroll down in the menu and also select the "Delete Account" alternative.

If you previously established SMS confirmation on your TikTok account, you'll need to go into the code that you'll receive by means of text message. When you've entered the correct code, tap the "Delete Account" button.

Touch the adhering to "Delete" button to confirm your choice one last time. You'll see an alert that your login has run out as a result of your account removal before you are required to the TikTok Home page.

When you remove your account, you'll no more be able to handle any video clips you've posted. As such, make sure to erase those videos before you remove your account if you desire them eliminated from the social network. You'll also lose accessibility to anything you have actually purchased in the application, like coins.

Having a TikTok account can be nice for curating the material you desire and also blocking the content you dislike. Whatever your factor for deleting your account, the decision is permanent. The good news is, you can always develop a new account in moments.