How to enable the Android Screen Attention feature on a Google Pixel phone

Tired of needing to touch your Pixel display to maintain the display screen from turning off? Enable this convenient feature and also it'll continue to be on as long as you're looking at the display.

Back with Android Q, Google included a rather great attribute called Screen Interest, which is a display monitoring feature that makes use of the device's front-facing electronic camera to maintain the display on, so long as the user is checking out the display.

This feature was met with exhilaration from the Android area. Nonetheless, for reasons unidentified to any individual, Google decided to limit that feature to the Google Pixel line of phones. So if you occur to be the owner of Google's take on the Android smart device, you can allow the function.

Why would you intend to do this? There might be times when you're checking out something on your device that takes much longer for you to take in after that your configured display timeout would certainly permit. With Display Interest allowed, you will not have to worry about that display turning off while you're concentrating on whatever it is that's on your screen.

How to enable the Android Screen Attention feature on a Google Pixel phone

Let me show you just how to allow this on your Pixel tool.

What you'll need

As you've possibly currently found out by now, the only point you'll require to make this work is a Pixel device. If you're collaborating with a different smart device, there's nothing for you to see below.

Exactly how to enable Screen Attention

To allow Screen Attention, open the Settings window on your Google Pixel. From there, faucet Display. In the Display area, faucet Advanced.

After the Advanced section increases, tap Screen Attention.

In the Screen Attention window, tap the On/Off slider up until it remains in the On placement

Which's it. Screen Attention has been made it possible for. You can back out of the Setups window and maintain your display screen on by looking at the screen.

The cautions to this attribute

One thing you ought to remember is that Screen Focus does not deal with just your face. As a matter of fact, Display Interest will function as long as anyone is looking at your screen. This implies somebody can grab your phone prior to it locks as well as, as long as they're considering the gadget, it'll stay opened.

The undertones connected with that must be fairly evident. Otherwise, consider it as a possible protection problem.

The 2nd caveat is, that because it maintains your front-facing cam at the office, it might potentially drain a bit more of your battery. Thinking about how the Pixel battery life is, at finest, just appropriate, this may be a deal breaker for you. For that, your best bet would certainly be to allow the function as well as see if it creates your battery to too soon drain on you.

But besides those 2 cautions, the Display Attention can actually be a solid addition to the Pixel phones, particularly for those who set their display timeout to 30 seconds or less and find themselves having to randomly touch their screens to maintain them from switching off.

Just like every little thing, your gas mileage might vary.