How to Change Age On Tiktok

How to Change Age on Tiktok - Did you mistakenly choose the wrong date when entering your birthday on TikTok? Did you try and also start a livestream just to know you're under sixteen as well as therefore can not? A straightforward solution would certainly be to change your birthday celebration on the application, yet TikTok hasn't made things so simple.

Change Age in Tiktok

How to Change Age on Tiktok

Last year TikTok set out to delete the profiles of every user under the age of 13 after a $5.7 million settlement with the Federal Profession Commission for going against the Children's Online Privacy Defense Act.

Following the deletion of hundreds of minor accounts TikTok made it nearly difficult for customers to change their date of birth on the app. Find out below how to alter your birthday celebration on TikTok.

To have a TikTok account you need to be 13, yet TikTok have taken actions further with in-app age limits on particular attributes. To begin a livestream you need to have at least 1,000 followers as well as be 16 years old, and also to gotten digital gifts from fans throughout a livestream you have to be 18 years of ages.

Unlike various other social networks applications there is no choice to change your birthday in establishing or on your account, so this has resulted in individuals searching for their own solution. Some individuals have declared that you can develop a new account with a new birthday, yet your old username so you maintain the very same account, but this theory has been unmasked as not functioning.

When TikTok erased the accounts of underage individuals, they additionally unintentionally erased those of individuals who mored than the age of 16. This occurred as when they asked users to confirm their age, the app glitched and would not let users pick their actual age- they might just pick the date of the day it took place which remained in 2019, so counted them as being absolutely no years of ages. The app got countless problems from upset TikTokkers whose accounts had actually been removed in spite of them being over the age limit, but as the application does not have a choice to transform your age, they might not change their age as well as get their accounts back.

TikTok told followers that they can change their age by reporting it in the app as an issue, and supplying federal government ID confirming their age. So there you have it- while there may not be a very easy way to change your age there is one, and right here is just how you can do it:

  • Go onto your account

  • Click the three dots in the leading right-hand man corner of the display

  • Scroll to the button saying 'report a problem'

  • After that click 'account and profile'

  • Click 'editing profile'

  • Click 'Other'.

  • Describe the issue and consist of a photo of proof of your age.
    Send the demand as well as await them to react.

    The above tips will certainly aid one adjustment age on TikTok. It is essential, therefore, to fill up the right birth day in the really beginning so that you will have the right age. This makes the experience of using TikTok enjoyable and also problem complimentary.