How to Delete Gmail Account and Google Account

Is it time to delete your Gmail account? If you like a different e-mail service or wish to finally get rid of that embarrassing username you developed years back, it's simple to move on from your account

Deleting a Gmail account is long-term. After undergoing the process, every one of your e-mails and also account setups will certainly be erased. You will no more have the ability to utilize your Gmail address to send out or obtain emails, and also the address will not be offered for any individual else to make use of in the future.

However, erasing a Gmail account does not remove the whole Google Account the email address is associated with. You will still have accessibility to all various other Google Account solutions, such as Google Drive, your calendar, Google Play and also more. Gmail will ask that you offer an alternate e-mail address to utilize to sign right into the Google Account in the future.

How to Delete Gmail Account and Google Account

How to Delete Gmail Account

1. Log into your Gmail account on

2. Click the grid icon in the upper right-hand edge and also choose "Account".

3. Under the "Account preferences" section click "Delete your account or services.".

4. Select "Delete products.".

5. Enter your password.

6. OPTIONAL: Click "Download Data" to save any important info from being permanently erased.

7. Click the trash can symbol alongside "Gmail.".

8. Get in an alternate e-mail address (can not be an additional Gmail address).

Make certain to utilize an e-mail address you have access to; you will certainly need it to continue deleting your account.

9. Click "Send Verification Email.".

10. Open up the email from Google you should have gotten with your alternative e-mail.

11. Comply with the removal web link in the message.

12. If triggered, log right into the Gmail account you wish to remove.

13. Select "Yes, I want to delete (example)".

14. Click "Delete Gmail." After that, click "Done.".

According to Google Account Help, "If you utilize Gmail via your job, college, or other group, contact your manager." The administrator of the account is the only one that can delete the Gmail account.

Google does not specify how long it waits to really eliminate your details after you make your demand. If you alter your mind, there's a possibility you can recoup your Gmail address as well as e-mails.

If you want to remove your whole Google Account rather than simply your email address, there's one more set of steps you have to go via.

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How to Delete Gmail Account

1. Comply with steps 1-3 above.

2. Click "Delete Google Account and data".

3. Enter your password.

4. OPTIONAL: Click "download your data" to save any vital details from being permanently removed.
5. Examine both boxes as well as click "Delete Account.".

Erasing an entire Google Account means that the content in your Google Drive, Google Calendar and also Google Photos accounts will be lost and you will no more have access to subscriptions purchased on YouTube or Google Have fun with that account (such as apps, flicks, games, songs and TV shows). If there is a Google Chrome browser synced with the erased Google Account, the internet browser's info, consisting of book markings, will be removed too.