How to Delete a Page on Google Docs

Removing an unwanted or extra web page is a formatting problem that commonly develops when developing a file. Luckily, removing web pages in Google Docs and editing similar software like Google Sheets is extremely easy and there are numerous means to deal with it.

How to Delete a Page on Google Docs

How to Delete a Page on Google Docs

Trying to find a shortcut? We've obtained you covered.
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For more details on how to delete a page on Google Docs, follow this detailed guide:

Choice one: Highlight and also delete

I would consider this first option to be the easiest. To start, position your arrow on top of the web page. From there, highlight the whole page by holding down the arrow and drag to the bottom of the web page. When the web page is highlighted, just press delete and your undesirable page will disappear.

Choice two: adjust the margins

You can likewise delete a page in Google Docs by adjusting the margins. An undesirable web page can often happen if the margins at the bottom of the web page are also large. By making the margins smaller sized and also you ought to have the ability to eliminate any kind of additional spacing.

Choice 3: Eliminate a page break

Unintentionally placing a web page break is an additional reason that an unwanted page may be created. To eliminate the page break from your paper, area your arrow before the first letter on the page as well as press delete. From there, your record must return to the correct quantity of web pages.