How to Forward Mail in Gmail

With its uncommon folderless organization and nifty new functions each time you blink, Gmail is a preferred webmail application that combines an unusual strategy to email with all the essentials of any other email customer. Gmail users should accustom themselves to adhering to discussion threads as opposed to arranging their messages into folders, yet they need not discard mail forwarding. There are two kinds of email forwarding: The initial refers to the message recipient receiving a message as well as passing it along to one more event; the second is the automated forwarding of any type of message sent to one's email address to another e-mail address, analogous to post office mail forwarding.

forward mail in gmail

How to Forward Mail in Gmail

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Manual Forwarding

Action 1: Browse Through to Gmail as well as click on the message you wish to forward.

Action 2: Click on the arrowhead next to the "Reply" button in the top, right-hand corner of the opened message. Choose "Forward.".

Action 3: In the field to which your cursor is immediately rerouted on clicking "Forward," enter the e-mail address or addresses of the people to whom you intend to forward the message. To enter addresses from your Contact list rather, click the "To:" link to the left of the field, after that pick the name or names from the resulting display, clicking "Done" when finished.

Action 4: Add text to the message, if you desire. When the message is ready, click the "Send" button under the message window as you would for any other message.

Automatic Forwarding

Action 1: Browse Through to Gmail as well as click the "Settings" link on top of the page.

Action 2: Click the link toward the top of the display labeled "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

Action 3: Select the radio switch labeled "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" as well as get in the email address to which you intend to forward all incoming mail.

Action 4: Select a choice from the drop-down menu that checks out, by default, "keep Gmail's copy in the inbox.".

Action 5: Click the "Save Changes" button at the end of the setups screen.