Facebook Page Activity Log 2019

A Facebook Activity log lists all social Activity in chronological order, including posts, suches as, fans, discusses, as well as much more. Facebook Page Activity Log: Activity log likewise enables users to manage exactly what is visible on their web page.

A huge part of creating as well as preserving your company' brand name is controlling the conversation around it. Facebook Activity log functions as a control panel for your Facebook presence, where you can examine as well as modify your set up posts or see exactly what others are saying regarding you.

Facebook Page Activity Log

Handling set up posts

The Activity log is a simple means to get an introduction of past and future posts. This top-level viewpoint is the ideal place to ensure your social media sites strategy is being implemented and also shows general brand name marketing objectives.

This can be especially helpful if a post is time-sensitive. If the problems or facts of an occasion change, you could alter your message prior to it increases. Alternatively, if you believe a blog post is pointless or off-message, you could delete it totally.

Checking the conversation

Prior to you can regulate the conversation, you have to have the ability to understand what's being claimed concerning you. The Activity log provides a summary of all interactions with your web page, consisting of remarks, identified posts, and discusses.

Social media site typically signals services to any operational or IT problems, such as failed order gratification or internet site difficulties. Keeping tabs on your Activity log enables you to take speedy action as well as reply to consumer concerns.

Dealing with posts and remarks

Your Facebook profile or web page is your public face to the globe. Because of this, it's important that you keep close tabs on the conversations you develop and also are brought into.

For also the very best brands, adverse individual comments is inescapable. Activity log allows you hide or remove remarks and also untag on your own from posts you do not wish to be a part of. You can even utilize it to determine nuisance posters as well as limit their accessibility to your page. This doesn't imply concealing every unfavorable blog post; as a matter of fact, letting the public see you fixing a client trouble or issue is healthy and balanced for a business. Yet not all essential posts will certainly be useful, and some could be off-color or contain language you don't desire associated with your brand name.

How to View Your Activity Log

Keep in mind: These screenshots were recorded in the Facebook app on iphone.

Action 1: From your Facebook residence feed, tap your profile image to head to your profile.

Action 2: Under your profile photo and also name (as well as bio, if you have actually included one), tap "Activity Log." This will take you to the timeline of your current Facebook Activity.

Step 3: If you wish to engage with any one of the items in your Activity Log (for instance, to change the personal privacy setting on one of your posts), tap the arrowhead button to the right of the item. Various alternatives, such as Erase or Unlike, will appear, depending on the sort of message you're engaging with.