Change Facebook Username 2019

You could keep in mind a while back when you chose your personalized Facebook username. Change Facebook Username: This username shows up in your Facebook (vanity) LINK, Facebook e-mail address, and also it could even be made use of as your visit to save keystrokes. At the time, Facebook led you to believe that the username couldn't be changed once you picked it. Well, surprise, that wasn't in fact the instance.

It appears there is a single button permitted, and also as long as you have not exercised this benefit yet, you have the ability to select something brand-new. If you never picked a username to start with, currently's your chance to safeguard a much better LINK and also email compared to the arbitrarily created number assigned by default. Remember, however, your old username/e-mail/URL will certainly not function anymore once you select the new one.

Change Facebook Username

1. Begin by clicking the down arrow in the top right corner of the web page. Pick Settings from the drop down menu.

2. Under General Account Settings, you'll see the Username line. Click to Edit.

3. Enter your wanted username right into the field supplied. Facebook will allow you know whether or not that username is available. Remember, once you Set it for the first time, Facebook will certainly let you change it once. You are likewise supposed to use your actual name when setting this.

4. Once you locate a Facebook username that is offered, click to save changes.

5. At this moment, your brand-new username is put on your Facebook profile as well as active!

If you have your old LINK connected to your site or email trademark, don't worry. All existing Facebook profile web links will certainly be rerouted to your new Facebook username.