Delete Facebook Timeline 2019

Delete Facebook Timeline: Just a few days earlier, a buddy of mine sent me an old image which showed us partying (really hard) at the age of ± 17 years. Where did he get it from? Correct, Facebook reminded him of it. I directly do not truly have a problem to share these kinds of images with individuals-- as lengthy I know them fairly excellent. However, I do not like the fact that my whole past is recorded on a Facebook timeline, for anybody to access, evaluation, download, and stalk. Allow's not even discuss the huge data Facebook is gathering and also the personal account Facebook is constructing out of my Activity.

Delete Facebook Timeline

Deleting Your Activity? Not That Easy

Today I took a seat and believed: "Well, let me simply Delete all my past Facebook posts, likes, images, as well as videos." Nonetheless, as it turned out this was less complicated stated than done. It seems that Facebook doesn't desire you to Delete all your past activities on the system. In fact, it is impossible to Delete all your Activity with a single click. This "Delete Everything Switch" does not exist. So, Facebook wants you to click manually on each Activity of you to review and afterwards Delete it. Considering that most of us are energetic customers on Facebook for several years, this procedure evidently will take days. However, there is a fast-track to Delete your Facebook history.

Utilizing A Manuscript to Remove Leave Your Timeline

Nobody wishes to sit hours as well as days before a COMPUTER clicking the same switches around once again. Fortunately, there is a way how you can automate this procedure. This works using a manual manuscript in your internet browser. I simply discovered a straightforward Chrome extension which will run a manuscript on your Facebook Activity log. The manuscript will compete a number of hours relying on exactly how active you got on Facebook in the past. Numerous hrs are still faster than removing all activities manually. If you also want to remove your Facebook past, follow the complying with actions.

Ways to Delete All Your Facebook Activity: Step By Step

1) Switch On your COMPUTER or Mac

The steps explained listed below do just deal with a PC or Mac. There is no shortcut which you could make use of on your smart phone or your Facebook application.

2) Utilize the Google Chrome Browser to Accessibility Facebook

I attempted a number of scripts to Delete my Facebook Activity. The simplest as well as most dependable procedure collaborates with Google Chrome So if you do not use Google Chrome go here to obtain it.

3) Log-In to your Facebook Account Utilizing Chrome

The following step-- obviously-- is to visit to your Facebook account.

4) Download the "Social Book Post Manager" Expansion for Chrome

Next off, download the necessary expansion for Google Chrome. The extension is called "Social Book Post Manager." Go here to install it in Chrome or open the very same web link in the Chrome internet browser you want to make use of to Delete your Facebook Activity.

5) Navigate to Your "Activity Log"

Now go to your own Facebook account and click the "View Activity Log" switch.

6) Click the Symbol of the freshly Set up Expansion.

Initially, select on the right-hand side of the Facebook Activity log which Activity you want to Delete or conceal. As an example posts you have actually published, posts you were marked in, pictures, video clips, etc. You could Delete your personal posts yet you can only hide posts or images you were tagged in.

Currently you pick which time frame you would like to Delete whatever from your Activity log. You could choose certain years and also or months. If you want to remove everything, pick "Select All.".
Inspect or uncheck the "Prescan on Page" choice however you prefer. If you run the script in the background, you most likely will not require a prescan.

To start the manuscript and also to Delete WHATEVER from your Facebook Activity log click on "Delete" or "Conceal".

Facebook Does Not Want Us To Do This.

The concern which continues to be is the following: why does Facebook not simply Delete a switch to Delete all our Facebook Activity? Why do they-- intentionally-- style this process like an annoyance?

I leave the question with you. Understand what you upload on Facebook and don't allow Facebook to become also mighty in your life. Try to apply alternate services right into your life. For instance the Telegram carrier or Reddit?

I hope this Post was practical for you. If it was, do not hesitate to leave a comment or share it with your loved ones.