What is A Facebook Poke

On a lengthy car trip, if the dialogue transforms physical, you understand that kids poke and stab at each other as a way to tease, tease, annoy or otherwise say, "Focus on me" or "Don't forget I'm here." What Is A Facebook Poke: The social-networking site Facebook has a virtual "poke" attribute that serves the exact same feature.

What Is A Facebook Poke


A Facebook poke is a totally free function that enables you to send a virtual "Hey, I was here" message. The poke turns up on your friend's page as a symbol that denotes that poked him and provides the choices "Remove Poke" or "Poke Back" If you receive the icon on your page, just you - not the site visitors to your page - will see it, and also if you don't poke back or remove it, the individual that sent it can not poke you once again. When you hide the poke or poke back, nevertheless, that individual is totally free to poke you once again. Facebook's settings enable you to request an email when you obtain a poke.

When you see a friend's Facebook homepage, search in the top high-hand corner for the grey button that claims "Poke" and also contains a picture of a finger poking. The button is directly to the right of the "Send Message" switch. Click "Poke"; no more action is required. When you visit your own homepage, you will not see the poke switch since you cannot poke on your own; on your page, you'll find the "Edit Profile" switch instead.
Allowed Pokes

You are allowed to poke a person who is a validated friend of yours, a friend of a verified friend or an individual in a common network. The exact same three categories of Facebook users can poke you also.

Poking Add-Ons

A number of complimentary programs allow you to automatically poke close friends. Facebook Autopoke 3.5 jabs back good friends provided on your home page. SuperPoke lets you poke with "little additional" symbols such as kiss, high five, hug, cuddle or spank, among others. To send a poke from your android phone, try AutoPoke, available from AndroLib; the program requires that you have SMS signals allowed on your Facebook account.