How to Completely Delete A Facebook Account 2018

How to Completely Delete A Facebook Account: Facebook is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Besides its appeal, it has numerous bad side and also those effect our daily life severely. Yeah many people find it useful and also fascinating however the social networking is not for all people. Could be you do not find it useful or might be you wish to create a brand-new account. That's why you need to remove Facebook account permanently.

How to Completely Delete A Facebook Account

Prerequisite for Removing a Facebook Account Permanently

If you are chosen to completely erase your account, after that I will guide you to delete your fb account completely. Yet you need to have login details that is your mail address (telephone number, if the account was produced by phone number) and password. If your password is lost, then reset your password here.

Although the process of removing this account permanently so simple yet calls for 14 days by Facebook to delete it totally. So you have the persistence to finish the action. During this time don't visit to your Facebook account anymore. If you login your account, that will certainly be reactivated again and you will certainly require another 14 days to remove it.

Caution: You will unable to fetch or reactive your account or anything after removing your Facebook account completely. So before doing so, you have to download your Facebook Data, as due to the fact that this process is entirely irreversible as well as may be your will certainly be required in future.

Download And Install Full Facebook Data

As I told you, this activity will kill your Facebook account permanently. So conserve you Facebook Data to utilize it in future. Nevertheless if you wish to develop a account again, after that you have to start from scratch.

Step-1: Login to Your Facebook Account

Go to and log in to your account. An essential reality, you could not remove your Facebook account without log in details. If you neglected your account info, you will never be permitted to delete your fb account.

Step-2: Save Your Facebook Data.

Before removing your account, conserve Full Data from your account. To download a copy of Full Data, you need to most likely to your Facebook settings. Under General Account Settings, look for "Download a copy of your Facebook Data". Now click on the web link and this will lead you to download your Facebook Data with the procedure of downloading and install an archive.

Erase Facebook Account Permanently

Keep in mind: If you don't wan na delete your account permanently, you can deactivate your account momentarily. Yet if you wish to remove it, after that go through the complying with actions.

Step-1: Visit the 'Delete My Account' page.

As Facebook can't admit this page usually and it is must to erase your Facebook account permanently. So I offer the link for you below- link.

On that particular page, you will certainly see a button called Delete My Account. Currently click the button to start handling.

Step-2: Enter Your Facebook Account Password.

After clicking on that button, an appear home window will certainly ask you for your Facebook password as well as to provide the letters in the captcha box to confirm that you are a human. After completing this, click on OK switch to completely remove your Facebook account.

Facebook will state that they are just deactivated your Facebook account immediately as well as needed 2 Week to delete Facebook account permanently. However you could cancel your removing procedure by login to Facebook during these days.

Final Words

Hope you can do the process effectively. But if you cannot, let me recognize by commenting below.