Facebook.com Desktop Version 2018

Android gadgets present the mobile version of Facebook by default. It likewise does this with Twitter. The mobile website for Facebook appears whenever you browse from any web browser. However, to access the Facebook.com Desktop Version, you could attempt the following.

Facebook.com Desktop Version

Access Facebook Full Site

1. Visit to your Facebook account using the mobile version of the site.
2. Currently type "http://www.facebook.com/home.php" in your browser.
3. The Full desktop version of Facebook need to display in the internet browser.

Usage Chrome To Open Up Facebook Full Site on Android

1. To start with, download and also set up Google Chrome for Android.
2. Then, launch the internet browser.
3. Click or touch the "Menu" switch in the upper-right corner, after that select "New Incognito Tab"
4. In the Incognito Chrome tab, see any other internet site aside from Facebook.
5. Select the "Menu" switch in the upper-right corner, after that pick "Request desktop Site"
6. Now go to facebook.com in the Incognito tab. The desktop version of Facebook need to show.

Please note that if you have the Facebook Mobile Application on your Android mobile phone or tablet computer that these pointers may not function. You need to choose whether you intend to uninstall the app or adhere to the mobile version.

With these pointers, you could check out the Full, non-mobile Facebook Site as well as have accessibility to all of the attributes you would certainly carry your desktop right from your Android. Likewise, it allows you to use FB messaging from the mobile internet browser without having to use the Carrier application.