Upload A Gif to Facebook 2018

In this tutorial you will see how you can upload GIFs as Facebook standing with a voice over - Upload A Gif to Facebook.

Regrettably Facebook does not sustain GIFs natively in 2017, so we will certainly utilize giphy (No logins called for).

It's simple to get your GIF to timeline on Facebook and we will certainly be making use of an Android Facebook mobile app, yet it should be the same on IOS also.

Concise customarily! I hope it works

Upload A Gif to Facebook

Ways to upload GIF on your timeline on Facebook Android

1. Most likely to Giphy and hit upload (No logins required!).

2. Select your Gif or video from your gadget.

3. Add summary.

4. As soon as giphy quits handling, get hold of the LINK of your new Gif from the browser.

5. Go to your Facebook App.

6. Beginning writing your post.

7. Paste the gif URL (tab & hold)-- Don't worry regarding the awful link, it will not turn up when the post mosts likely to your timeline.

8. Compose description.

9. Hit "post", and currently you are amusing you close friends with a gif loop.

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