How to Change A Page Name On Facebook 2018

How to Change A Page Name On Facebook: Do you need to change your Facebook Page name? Have you been having difficulty finding the exactly how you tackle altering your Facebook Page name or URL?

Well have no fear, I'll reveal you how to exactly how you can get this achieved (even if it resembles you can't get it done).

How to Change A Page Name On Facebook

First there are 2 locations that you could "name" your Page. One is the name that shows up on your Timeline which shows up next to every article current Feed.

To start with, ensure Facebook is telling you no. Browse to your Page, after that locate the "More" drop-down box simply under the header picture. Click "Edit Page Info"

A pop-up box will certainly appear, as well as the option to change your Page name will certainly be right at the top. Type in the new name, after that hit "Save Changes" If Facebook doesn't like your brand-new option, it'll allow you understand with a box that appears like this:

Not super helpful. Currently exactly what? Time to get in touch with a human being at Facebook Support. That's not a simple task, but there are some stealthy means to get the job done. Below's how we did it. Cancel out of the modification windows, then look for the down arrow at the much right of the blue header on top of your display. When you mouse over it, you'll obtain a drop-down menu. At the extremely bottom is an option called "Report a Problem" Click it.

Click the "Something Isn't Working" link, and after that you'll get a pop-up box where you can kind your message. Remember to pick "Pages" from the drop-down on top. You likewise have the choice to consist of a screenshot, if you want. When you're finished, struck "Send".

Now for the difficult component: waiting. In my experience, it takes about seven to 10 business days for an actual human being to send a reply. Fortunately is that when you ultimately obtain a person designated to your ticket, they have the tendency to reply to you swiftly - within a couple of organisation hours, typically. You'll see the messages appear in your Assistance Inbox, which is simply over "Report a Problem" in the Setups food selection. (You'll likewise obtain e-mail alerts when you obtain replies, so don't worry concerning maintaining as well close an eye on this.).

The initial replies are from their canned assistance script and typically aren't very useful, so it might take a few messages prior to you make any development. Also then, it may not go extremely efficiently. The first person I chatted with had not been very helpful, when I pushed her, she asked to see legal hallmark documentation prior to she 'd rise it. Speak about leaping via hoops.

Luckily, you don't have to go for the first person assigned to your ticket. I obtained restless while waiting on someone to respond to my initial message, so I ended up sending a second support ticket through the "Report a Problem" link. I was a little surprised when a 2nd support rep responded to my duplicate ticket, but it worked out completely. The 2nd discussion was far more productive, and she had the ability to manually change the Page name on our behalf - with no sustaining documents - within regarding a day.

The whole procedure ended up taking a few weeks, yet that was mostly time invested awaiting an initial reply from the assistance team. It takes perseverance and also perseverance, but it is feasible to bypass Facebook's automatic Page name controls.