How Do You Change Your Age On Facebook 2018

How Do You Change Your Age On Facebook: Facebook utilized to present your birthday exactly on your Timeline, yet at the time of magazine, your birthday is hidden away in the About section of your profile. If individuals can not see your birthday, you may have never entered it or used a privacy setup that restricts who can see it. You'll discover the area to modify your birthday and assign that can see it in the About section of your profile.

How Do You Change Your Age On Facebook

To change your birthday:

-Go to your profile and click Update Info at the bottom of your cover picture

-In the left column, click Contact and Basic Info

-Scroll down and also float over Birth Date or Birth Year, and afterwards click Edit to the right of the information you would love to change

-Make use of the dropdown food selections to change your birthday and use the audience selector to select who can see it

-Click Save Changes

You can change that could see your birthday by readjusting the audience. There are 2 audience selectors beside your birthday: one for the day and also month as well as one for the year. Pals won't obtain a notification about your upcoming birthday if you do not share the day as well as month with them.

Why Does not It State My birthday on Facebook?

birthday and also Audience
Visit your Facebook Timeline and click the "About" web link. Click "Edit" next to Birth Day or Birth Year under the Basic Details going. Make use of the drop-down menus to change your birth month, date and also year. Both personal privacy selector drop-downs alongside the birthday areas control who could see your birth date as well as birth year. Set each to "Public" or "Friends" so others could see your birth day. Choose "Custom" to by hand establish who among your good friends can see your birthday. At the same time, utilize a pal listing you have actually created to personalize birthday exposure without manually entering each buddy's name.


Facebook Help warns that individuals must enter their proper birthdate. While the site doesn't provide a details number, Facebook additionally advises that you can just change your birthday a minimal number of times, as well as you may need to wait a couple of days to change it once again after initial altering it.