Feed Facebook to Twitter 2018

Feed Facebook to Twitter: In a similar way, you can additionally link a Facebook account with Twitter to share your contents to people following you.

Feed Facebook to Twitter

Action # 1: Open https://www.facebook.com/twitter on internet browser in computer.

Considering that you are doing this for the very first time, you will be landed on "Link your Facebook Profile to Twitter".

Action # 2: Next, click on Link to Twitter button.

Step # 3: Now you have to license App to use your account.

Enter your Twitter Username or email and also password.

Hurray! Your Facebook profile is now connected to Twitter.

You can share your status updates, photos, videos, web links, notes, and also events. In case you do not intend to publish pictures, uncheck the images box and then click on Save Changes.

Keep in mind: Twitter will certainly share your Facebook articles with a privacy setup of 'Public'.

How you can Unlink Your Twitter Account from Facebook

To terminate the connection between Facebook and Twitter, open https://www.facebook.com/twitter/.

And also following, click Unlink from Twitter.

By doing this, you could unlink your Facebook account and also web page as well.