Windows Facebook Messenger App

Windows Facebook Messenger App: There's an amazing application offered on the Play Store. It was born as an off-shoot of another preferred app, a data-based conversation app that allows the individual of the moms and dad app to connect privately, individually.

It has actually given that become its own standalone application, and also quickly became one of one of the most prominent applications of all-time. It has likewise become its very own platform, capable of allowing other programmers to produce functions, capabilities, and also bots (!).

That application is ...... Facebook Messenger.

Windows Facebook Messenger App

I understand, I know; not exactly a new or arising application the similarity which we typically examine. However it's likewise an application that has expanded in it's popularity and also capacities in such a short time, we really feel that it deserves a makeover at it.

Please note; I am not Facebook's most significant follower, as well as I in fact do have some problems with the way they operate in some cases. That said I do have an account, and also do utilize Messenger quite often. Even with my agitations about the service, it does have some very nice attributes that do clearly make it fairly eye-catching to users worldwide. Allow's take a fast spin with [just what I consider] several of the most valuable.


It's likely you've at the very least tried Messenger in the past, so this action shouldn't require much explanation. If you don't use Facebook or just typically aren't a follower, great news: you do not have to also have a Facebook account to utilize Messenger. Just your smart phone number will certainly suffice. You download and install the application from the Play Shop. Then either get in touch with your Facebook account or mobile number, and you remain in.


Boy, where to begin with this one. The listing is long as well as quickly growing longer, so allow's undergo (exactly what I think about) the greatest features one-by-one:

Integrated SMS

This feature made some very significant headlines earlier this year. Messenger could currently be utilized as both your data-based messenging application as well as mobile SMS texting interface. No, it doesn't literally take control of cellular-based texting, however it rules in all your incoming as well as outbound messages into it's interface, providing you a solitary application to open, despite the message's medium.

Conventional wisdom may object to this movement, knowing Facebook's inherit need to be know all the information of your internet task ... Facebook itself has actually claimed that they draw no data regarding your messages back its servers; it's only providing this attribute [essentially] so you use or remain on the Messenger application that much longer. I guess it's up to you whether you fit with that said concept.

Integrated Photo & Video Capture

This set's not a real unique attribute, but it's functionality it excellent. While in the app, you could launch either your tool's front or back camera to conveniently capture media for sharing objectives.

Video Chat

Nowadays not as much breaking-news, yet once again it functions actually, actually efficiently (though note: this does not deal with SMS combination). Simply by pressing the blue symbol. I say 'blue', due to the fact that it could be grey ... this informs you that individual isn't available to take a video call back then. Cool!

In-App Games

When in a conversation, simply click the little game controller symbol and select your fight. The checklist of video games is very long, and Facebook specifies it will get longer in the short-term. While gaming has had a restricted presence within Messenger in the past, Facebook has simply this week launched the dogs on the full-boat video game offerings.

You can learn more regarding this new attribute right here.

Contact Codes

Much like Snapchat, Messenger supplies a tile with a scan-able code along with your prompt & significant call information.

Show Location

If you're roaming around town and also are trying to meet up with some buddies, Messenger's location-sharing attribute might can be found in convenient.

A Personalized Greeting (if you have a business/page)

If you have a commercial account or web page, Messenger allows you include a greeting, to turn up when someone opens the application to send you a message. This is a terrific function to setting the tone a consumer (or potential one) experiences when interfacing with your brand.

Send Audio Clips (eliminate voicemail!)

I'm quite amazed this isn't really extra prominent than it is. Instead of leaving a phone message (as well as making your friend undergo the strenuous job of browsing mobile voice mail), you could merely strike the microphone switch and leave a voice message right in the application. So instead of having to "dial-in", the receiver can get an alert and also press "play". Ahhh ... it works so damn well.

Well-Composed Group Chats

Unlike typical SMS (where my experience has revealed it to be a total mess), Messenger takes care of team chats with loved one aplomb. The major way they complete this is offering team talks their very own tab, sorting them together instead of mixed amongst all your various other conversations (particularly with people who likewise turn up in the team talks).

Stand-Alone Desktop App

OK, this isn't really mobile-based, yet I directly use it and also it functions well. will certainly bring up a structured interface that functions similar to the mobile app; so you don't need to maintain mosting likely to your phone while at your desk throughout the work day (supplied your employer is usually amazing with this, certainly).

Call an Uber Or a Lyft

Right in the app is a menu option to "request a trip". From here you can choose Uber or Lyft as your service of choice, and off you go ... without leaving Messenger.

Pin a Conversation

Within team talks, you can pin a specific thread to the top of your listing, so it's easy to locate!

Mute notifications

If you're aiming to get some work done, or have another commitment & do not wish to get averted with a Carrier conversation, you could opt to 'mute' notifications from a certain thread for your choice of time (15 mins, 1 hr, and so on).

Send & receive money

... as well as Facebook does not even charge for the service. While in a discussion, click the "$" icon, choose the quantity you intend to send out to the person you're talking with, and enter your bank card information. Done.

Send your location (though not using Google Maps)

While you could not need this extremely frequently, if you do locate your and your good friends having problem discovering each other while out & concerning it may can be found in very handy. Just click on your place, and your close friend( s) will certainly have the ability to check out a click-able map to see exactly where you are.

Final thought

Love it or despise it, Facebook has actually built an excellent function established into a really well-performing app in Messenger. As well as combined with the crazy-big user base, it's getting harder everyday to warrant not using it (or at least having it set up).

With any luck you located some previously-unknown feature that will be available in beneficial for you. Or, maybe, you may have found your threshold reason to give it a try. Let us understand if you have any other must-try functions in Messenger!