How to Make My Photos Private On Facebook

How To Make My Photos Private On Facebook: Facebook might be terrific for staying in touch with distant family and friends, however it's not precisely a social network that urges personal privacy. As well as forum user katocicat just opened up a can of worms by asking how you can take on a privacy problem involving the oversharing-prone social network:

( A Friend) altered his account picture, which receives information feed as a public message. He should have the ability to go in and also alter it to "friend only" current feed. (I can do it on my account photos once they show in the news feed using my Samsung Android). There's no carat weight in the top right-hand edge on the picture.

When he clicks the picture and also the 3 dots appear in the upper right-hand edge, there's no choice to edit personal privacy. [He] claims he cannot scroll down when he clicks on the three dots. Any individual understand how you can change a public photo on Facebook to friends-only when you have an LG Android phone?

How To Make My Photos Private On Facebook

The best ways to change personal privacy settings on an Android phone

First off, because the Facebook news feed sorts posts in nonchronological order, it took a little effort for us to also locate a lately published photo in the feed. If your good friend has difficulty discovering the image message, tell him to click on the three-bars menu symbol and also tap on his name at the top of the display.

Then, he ought to scroll down past his account as well as cover pictures and also past the new status field, to the post representing his new account photo. From here, he ought to see the very same carat weight switch in the top right that you do.

If he doesn't see it, ask exactly how he's accessing Facebook. Both the application as well as the internet browser should ready, yet have him go through the above actions making sure he gets on the right course. We didn't see those three dots in the upper right corner when we searched in the Facebook app or in the stock Internet browser app that included the Optimus G ( would not also open correctly in Chrome).

As soon as he taps that carat weight, he might not even see the Edit Privacy choice that you do, because of exactly how the menu shows up from the bottom of the screen. If he's able to see a menu that pops up from the bottom of the display, ask him to swipe up on the menu to see more choices. Edit Personal privacy need to appear.

And also if that doesn't work, to reword Yoda, there is another way.

Going the desktop route

Can your pal discover a laptop or desktop computer PC? We comprehend that their phone could be their main gadget, yet the Facebook experience in a desktop computer web internet browser won't put any hurdles in front of them.

If a note pad can be obtained, authorize into Facebook as well as click your name in the top right corner to open your profile. After that, scroll down to your information feed profile-photo updates, which ought to claim," [Your Name] upgraded [his/her/their] account image." After that, click the globe icon as well as pick Friends Just.

Just what regarding tomorrow?

When it comes to future posts, you could change the default privacy readying to friends-only. In the Facebook application on Android, tap the Menu icon (the 3 bars) and also choose Personal privacy shortcuts. After that touch "Who can see my stuff?" and afterwards "Who can see your future posts?" and pick Friends.

On a desktop, indication into Facebook as well as browse to this page. Click Public and select Buddies.