How to Delete Comments From Facebook

How To Delete Comments From Facebook: Initially look, it could look like Facebook eliminated the capacity to erase comments from their Android application. You still could however. The actions are simply various.

How To Delete Comments From Facebook

Facebook For Android: The Best Ways To Erase comment

1. Navigate to see the comment you desire to get rid of. If you have trouble discovering it, the easiest thing to do is to pick the "Menu" button, after that pick "Activity Log".

2. Swipe your finger across the comment. A "Delete" button will show up.

3. Tap the "Delete" switch, as well as your comment is gone.

When Facebook removed the switch "comment", there was a clear danger of unintentional publishing insufficient observations are accustomed customers to press "Enter" to start a new line, as well as key comments. Facebook has actually remembered of issue, and also adds the ability to change the comment you just sent out. They additionally included guidelines: "Press Shift + Enter" to begin a new line.

So if you want to transform your message, click the X in the upper right corner, after his statement. However recognize that the modifying ability vanishes after half a minute or once a second comment after you. If this takes place, press X does allow you to eliminate your entire message.