How Can I Delete My Comment On Facebook

How Can I Delete My Comment On Facebook: In the beginning glance, it could feel like Facebook removed the ability to erase comments from their Android app. You still could however. The steps are just various.

How Can I Delete My Comment On Facebook

Facebook For Android: How You Can Remove comment

1. Navigate to check out the comment you desire to eliminate. If you have trouble discovering it, the most convenient thing to do is to choose the "Menu" button, then select "Activity Log".

2. Swipe your finger throughout the comment. A "Delete" button will appear.

3. Touch the "Delete" button, and also your comment is gone.

When Facebook got rid of the switch "comment", there was a clear danger of unexpected posting insufficient observations are accustomed customers to press "Enter" to start a new line, as well as essential remarks. Facebook has born in mind of concern, as well as includes the ability to customize the comment you just sent. They also added instructions: "Press Shift + Enter" to begin a new line.

So if you want to change your message, click the X in the upper right edge, following his announcement. But understand that the modifying capability vanishes after half a minute or when a 2nd comment after you. If this happens, press X does enable you to eliminate your entire message.