Facebook Messenger App android

Facebook Messenger App Android: There's an amazing app readily available on the Play Store. It was born as an off-shoot of one more prominent app, a data-based chat app that enables the individual of the moms and dad app to connect independently, individually.

It has actually because become its very own standalone app, and rapidly turned into one of one of the most preferred applications of all-time. It has additionally become its own platform, efficient in allowing various other programmers to create features, abilities, and also crawlers (!).

That application is ...... Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger App Android

I understand, I know; not exactly a brand-new or emerging application the likes of which we normally review. But it's also an application that has expanded in it's popularity and also capabilities in such a short time, we really feel that it deserves a face-lift at it.

Please note; I am not Facebook's biggest follower, and I really do have some problems with the means they operate sometimes. That said I do have an account, and also do make use of Messenger frequently. Despite my agitations concerning the solution, it does have some rather great features that do undoubtedly make it fairly eye-catching to users world-wide. Allow's take a quick spin with [what I consider] several of the most valuable.


It's most likely you've at least attempted Messenger previously, so this step shouldn't need much explanation. If you do not make use of Facebook or just aren't a follower, excellent news: you don't should also have a Facebook account to make use of Messenger. Just your smart phone number will certainly be sufficient. You download and install the app from the Play Shop. After that either get in touch with your Facebook account or mobile number, and you're in.


Boy, where to start with this set. The checklist is long and swiftly growing longer, so allow's go through (what I think about) the most significant functions one-by-one:

Integrated SMS

This function made some pretty severe headings earlier this year. Messenger could currently be made use of as both your data-based messenging app and mobile SMS texting user interface. No, it doesn't literally take control of cellular-based texting, but it rules in all your inbound and also outgoing texts right into it's user interface, giving you a single app to open up, regardless of the message's medium.

Conventional wisdom may challenge this movement, recognizing Facebook's inherit desire to be know all the information of your internet task ... Facebook itself has actually declared that they draw no information regarding your texts back its servers; it's just providing this feature [essentially] so you make use of or remain on the Messenger application that a lot longer. I think it depends on you whether you fit keeping that idea.

Integrated Photo & Video Capture

This's not an actual novel feature, however it's performance it first-class. While in the application, you can introduce either your gadget's front or rear electronic camera to conveniently capture media for sharing objectives.

Video Chat

Nowadays not as much breaking-news, however once again it works truly, truly smoothly (though note: this does not deal with SMS combination). Simply by pressing heaven icon. I state 'blue', due to the fact that it might be grey ... this tells you that individual isn't really readily available to take a video clip phone call back then. Cool!

In-App Games

When in a discussion, just click the plot controller symbol and also select your battle. The checklist of video games is very long, as well as Facebook mentions it will obtain longer in the short-term. While video gaming has had a restricted existence within Messenger in the past, Facebook has just this week launched the dogs on the full-boat game offerings.

You could read more regarding this new feature below.

Contact Codes

Just like Snapchat, Messenger uses a tile with a scan-able code along with your immediate & essential get in touch with info.

Show Location

If you're roaming around community as well as are aiming to meet up with some buddies, Messenger's location-sharing feature may can be found in handy.

A Personalized Greeting (if you have a business/page)

If you have a commercial account or page, Messenger allows you include a greeting, to turn up when someone opens up the application to send you a message. This is a wonderful feature to establishing the tone a customer (or possible one) experiences when interfacing with your brand.

Send Audio Clips (eliminate voicemail!)

I'm rather stunned this set isn't really a lot more popular than it is. Instead of leaving a phone message (and making your close friend experience the difficult task of navigating mobile voice mail), you could just strike the microphone button and leave a voice message right in the app. So as opposed to needing to "dial-in", the receiver can obtain an alert and press "play". Ahhh ... it works so damn well.

Well-Composed Group Chats

Unlike traditional SMS (where my experience has actually shown it to be a total mess), Messenger takes care of team chats with loved one aplomb. The major method they achieve this is giving team chats their own tab, arranging them together instead of blended among all your other conversations (particularly with people that additionally show up in the team chats).

Stand-Alone Desktop App

OK, this isn't mobile-based, but I directly use it and also it functions well. Messenger.com will raise a streamlined user interface that works similar to the mobile application; so you don't have to keep mosting likely to your phone while at your workdesk throughout the job day (offered your employer is usually cool with this, of course).

Call an Uber Or a Lyft

Right in the app is a menu option to "request a flight". From here you can choose Uber or Lyft as your solution of selection, and also off you go ... without leaving Messenger.

Pin a Conversation

Within group chats, you can pin a details string to the top of your checklist, so it's simple to discover!

Mute notifications

If you're aiming to get some job done, or have another commitment & don't wish to get sidetracked with a Messenger conversation, you could opt to 'silence' alerts from a certain string for your selection of time (15 minutes, 1 hr, etc.).

Send & receive money

... and Facebook doesn't even bill for the service. While in a conversation, click on the "$" symbol, select the quantity you intend to send to the person you're chatting with, and enter your charge card details. Done.

Send your location (though not utilizing Google Maps)

While you might not require this really usually, if you do locate your and your close friends having difficulty locating each other while out & concerning it may can be found in very convenient. Just click your location, as well as your pal( s) will be able to view a click-able map to see precisely where you are.


Love it or dislike it, Facebook has actually developed a great attribute set into a really well-performing app in Messenger. And also combined with the crazy-big user base, it's getting harder every day to warrant not utilizing it (or at least having it set up).

With any luck you discovered some previously-unknown attribute that will come in useful for you. Or, maybe, you could have located your threshold need to give it a try. Let us understand if you have any other must-try features in Messenger!