Facebook Countdown

Facebook Countdown - Have you ever before had an unique occasion that you were incredibly nervous regarding and also it appeared like time wasn't moving fast sufficient? Well now you could countdown to those unique moments in vogue with a great online tool from AreWeThereYet.

As the name indicates, AreWeThereYet is specifically for those days that simply cannot appear to obtain right here quickly sufficient. You could produce and customize your own countdown timer online and after that share it on your favorite social media, or embed it on your internet site or blog.

Now we'll undergo the simple actions of creating, sharing as well as installing your individual countdown timer on AreWeThereYet.

Facebook Countdown

1. The very first step is to head to the site and click on "new" at the top of the web page. A window will appear listed below.

2. Following you have to go through the steps in the modification menu as follows:

- Go into the date and time of your event; if it's a day from the past, you can skip step # 2.

- Go into a title and text to go along with it (ie. a description of your occasion).

- Pick a color for your message making use of the color picker.

- Choose a background image for your timer; there are 9 pre-added histories that you could pick from, yet you could also post your own.

- Decide to begin counting up after the occasion (enable/disable) or use this if you have actually entered a previous event.

- Go into a title and also text for the count up timer, if suitable.

- Select a message color with the shade picker and also background photo for your count up timer.

- Get in a password to make sure that you can go back anytime and make changes to your timer as required.

- Establish your timer as well as you're all done.

3. As soon as your timer setups are full, it's time to share it online. Click on "share & embed" on top of the page alongside "edit" You'll see a home window showed listed below it, titled "Share this countdown".

You can share on Facebook, Twitter as well as various other social networks via AddThis; remember this will only share a link and also the history image. You could likewise email and also print out a fixed image of your timer. You'll see 2 embed codes as well (iframe and flash) that can be made use of to include your timer to your blog site, site or anywhere else that accepts HTML.

4. You could create a new timer or just cherish your existing one as it's displayed magnificently on the web page. Your timer will be established similar to the screenshot listed below.

As you could see, the title that you entered is above the timer and also the "text" is at the bottom; there's plenty of area for any quantity of message.

What Are You Waiting on?

AreWeThereYet is an enjoyable online tool that does an outstanding job of protecting and also sharing your special occasions-- both in the past and future. It's extremely easy to use as well as only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

So what special occasion are you waiting for? Do you prepare to utilize AreWeThereYet for your unique occasions?